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by KimChi
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A blend of Yin and Yang, 3rd place Lexi's Poetry Challenge round 36
Pray in the dawn to the rising Sun,
spilling blues on the drusy sky.
Freeze the dripping rays of warmth;
Snap passion’s flash with the inner eye.

Enter the golden hush of the possible…
Keep this locked deep in an open heart;
Freeing a compass aligned to the new-
The infinite path, the eternal start.

Here, the Lord’s revealing:
“As long as you see,
You will Blessed Be.”

Pray in the dusk to the rising Moon,
smiling white in the ink of night.
Bask within Her chilly glow;
ind sings on your skin the true insight.

Inhale the rainbow mist of your Mother's faith…
stir this belief in a peaceful soul.
As ancestors wend to each shimmering end,
exhale a silvery skein to the old.

Hear the Lady’s whispering:
“As long as you breathe,
You will Blessed Be.”

(Note: drusy--packed with small crystals, like a layer of tiny quartz crystals growing on a host stone.)
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