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by Samar
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That feeling that everyone encounters...
His masculine hands brushed over my moist, smooth body, grasping tightly then slowly and seductively letting loose. Pain was then followed by the subtle sense of desire. I could almost see the fire of passion excrete from his fingertips and enter through the invisible pores of my latte colored skin. I want him. I need him. Now!

My shameful addiction was overcoming me, you could see it in my eyes. I'm not one to hide my thoughts or feelings, so how could he not know that I was aching for him? I guess what goes around comes around and now it was my turn to feel deprived of something while it was right under my nose, breathing on me, touching me, and causing me to leave a trace that can be felt and seen.

It's over before I know it. The clock is ticking and time is running out. Leave before he does, or stay and try to devise a new connection plan. Nope, doesn't happen. Can't always get what you want, and you can't possibly work harder for what you need. It'll come when it comes and it'll go when it goes. The cold air managed to cool off the inferno that grew inside of me as I walked back to my car. Do I have to tell you that i want you? Can't you feel me? Try to make this a tid bit easier for me. I was never one to ask, or to even tell- I guess shit changes...Get with it Summ!

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