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Rated: E · Lyrics · Death · #1230746
a song detailing my thoughts on reincarnation and people's beleifs.
maybe you can tell me bout
the ways of my situation
you see my souls all here
but my minds half gone

somebody needs me
but nobody wants me

psychosematic frantic automatic diplomatic

What's so wrong about
the difference between the
here and now and the
past and future

people think i'm no longer here
yet nobody cares i'm alive

Reinviation to the disco dance
Madison ave's blinding lights
Take my hand beleive me it's real
Reintivation to the part line
Harajuku's decked to the max

Maybe you can direct me
to the bright light that
brought me back this
lie you think i'm telling
is getting old

when will someone catch on that it's all too real?

Insecticide Morbid suicide
Somethings just have to change
I was reinvited to a world
That won't accept me.
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