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Muzzy aplication

An African American Sgrt. stands out infront of the Cental Square Army Recruitment
Office in Cambridge Massachusetts. Muzzy is walking by with a @Slurpy:
Sgrt. Excuse me young man!
Muzzy. ?
Sgrt. Have you consider a career in the arm forces?
Muzzy. Nope(slurp).
Sgrt. Why not?
Muzzy. (slurp)
Sgrt. Come in and we'll find out what your qualified for.
Muzzy fills out questionare: hands papers to the Sgrt. who is seated behind
a metal office desk and reads:
Sgrt. "You want a job where you can meet many people and make new friends."
Muzzy. I like people.... and like meeting different people(slurp)
Sgrt. "You shook Governor Dukas' hand and it was tiny and soft like a little girl."(?)
        I see.....
Muzzy. (slurp....burrrble) I've finished my @Slurpy do you have a trash basket?
Sgrt. Yup.
The Sgrt. points to the basket to the right of his desk. Muzzy takes two and a half
steps and places spent @Slurpy into the basket gentlely on top of crumpled papers.
Muzzy returns to his metal chair with fabric seat and back.
Srgt. "You want to fly a helocopter and learn a stick shift."
Muzzy. Yup.(smiles)
Srgt. "Have you been in adjudicated? No. I believe in the power of love."
Muzzy. (smiles)
Srgt. "Linda Carter is your role modle?"
Muzzy. She's here to fight the forces of evil...
Srgt. (smiles) Stands and shakes Muzzy's hand over laminated wood desk top.
        I'll give you a call.
Muzzy. Thanks!(toothy smile)
Muzzy leaves recruitment office and walks to the bike rack infront of the 7/11;
unlocks three speed @Swind and peddless for home.(ring! ring! ring!)Goes his
bell on his handle bars.

Muzzy. (singing)In her satin tights, fighting for what's right
            and the old red white and blue!
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