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Macy hopes she gets the Birthday present that she wants most.
Today was Macy's Birthday. She was going to be six years. She had just had her breakfast of bacon and eggs. Now, it was time to get dressed for her Birthday Party. Macy left the table and ran upstairs and looked out the window. Her mother Annette was right behind her.

Macy said to her mother. "Mom, today is so special. Daddy will be home for my Birthday. He won't miss it. I can't wait to see him. Aren't you excited, Mommy?"

Annette sighed. "Macy, you know Daddy is in Iraq. He has six more months to go before he can come home to us. I have a gift for you from him that you will love."

"I will see Daddy. He will be home today. I wished upon a star. You will see Mommy."

Macy was such a pretty little blonde girl with innocent ocean blue eyes in a heart shaped face She looked like her mother Annette except Macy had her father's eyes. She was always a happy child but she missed her father. Annette got out Macy's lavender and pink dress and helped put it on her. She looked like a Princess. Her father Noah always called her his Princess.

"Mommy, where's Snowflake?"

"In mine and Daddy's room. I don't think kitty wants to be at your party."

"Mommy, Snowflake wants to see Daddy, too."

Annette grabbed a hold of Macy's hand and walked downstairs to get ready for the guests. The room was all decorated with balloons, a Barbie table cloth along with paper cups and Barbie Dolls sitting out on the gift table. It was definitely a little girl's party. Annette was dressed in a powder blue dress. She missed Noah and she was sorry that he wasn't going to be here for Macy's Birthday Party.

The door bell rang and the twins Colten and Kyle were dressed in blue suits and looked so cute with their dark hair and brown eyes. Next came Sara, Susie, Diana, Angel, Alan, Bobby and Rachael. Angel was Macy's best friend and they hugged as Angel placed her gift on the table.

"Angel, Daddy is coming home today. I am so happy!"

Angel smiled. "Macy, that is so neat. I am happy, too."

The children played pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, Candylane and Simon Says. Macy kept looking out the window. She was waiting for her father.

"Macy, it's time to open up your gifts."

"Mommy, we have to wait for Daddy."

"Sweetie, Daddy won't be here. He is away and I am sure he would like to be here. Come on. Your friends want to see what you got. Don't you want to open your gifts?"

"Alright, Mommy. Daddy will be here in time for cake." Annette felt so sad. Macy would be so disappointed. She hopes the presents would comfort Macy and make her forget about her father for awhile.

Macy opened her gifts one by one. She got a baby doll that was like a Betsy Wetsy Doll and a Mermaid Barbie from the twins. Angel got Macy a Princess Barbie and two dolls that looked like Macy and Angel. A red headed doll and a blonde doll made out of porcelain wearing blue and lavender dresses. Angel's mother had designed and made them. She was a Doll and Fashion Designer.

"Look, Mommy! They look like us! Wait till Daddy sees them!" Macy hugged Angel and her mother and she thanked the twins for their gift to her.

Macy got some games, Cinderella Doll, new clothes from her mother, two more Barbie Dolls and a heart locket that her Daddy had sent to her from Iraq. It was made out of gold and had a pink rose on it that said Princess on it. Macy squealed with delight. There were also pictures of her and her parents in the locket. She had Annette put it on her.

"Mommy, why didn't Daddy give this to me when he comes home today? He missed me opening my presents. He is going to miss eating cake. Why isn't he here? Doesn't he love me anymore?" Macy started to cry. Angel went over to Macy and hugged her as did Annette. The other children went up to Macy and patted her and told her not to cry. Just then a beige collie puppy came running up to Macy and the children. Macy and the children were so excited! They patted and hugged the puppy. Annette wandered where the puppy had come from.

"Of course, I love you. I wouldn't miss your Birthday!"

Macy looked up and saw her Daddy in the doorway. A handsome man with dark hair and blue eyes like hers. He smiled as Macy yelled "Daddy!" She ran into his arms as he picked her up and kissed her.

"I love you, little Princess. I missed you."

" I love you, too. I am so glad that you are here for my Birthday Party. You almost missed it." Macy looked puzled at her father's arm." Daddy, what is wrong with your arm?"

Noah's arm was all bandaged up and in a cast. "I got hurt in an accident but my arm will be healed soon. I will be home and working in an office. I will never leave you or your mother again."

Annette came up to Noah just then as he hugged and kissed her, too.

"Daddy, where did you get the puppy?"

"Princess, today is your Birthday. I got him from a Pet Store. I thought you would like him."

"I do, Daddy. He is so cute. I love the locket that you got me, too." At that moment, the collie puppy ran up to Macy and licked her face. Macy smiled as she held him. "Mommy, I told you Daddy would be home today. This is the best Birthday ever!":

Annette smiled. "Yes, Sweetie, it is."

Macy got the best Birthday present ever. Her Daddy was home and she had a new friend, too. She named her puppy Shelby. Everyone had Birthday cake and the parents of the children gave Noah a Welcome Home Party.

That night, Macy slept in her bed with Shelby and her cat Snowflake who loved the puppy in time. Macy felt like the luckiest little girl in the world.

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