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How India won its freedom

Eighteen fifty seven was
Called the mutiny year
By the British who could not
Kill Indian spirit.

But in fact it was what we
Call the revolution
By Indian soldiers who
Rose against the empire.

However they did not have
Good organization,
Nor the firepower which the
British had no dearth of.

Though the revolt was contained,
It was with cruelty.
People were literally
Hanged on the roadside trees.

Ninety years were more to go
Till next revolution,
This time through peaceful uprise,
Brought us independence.

Gandhi mastered the art of
Nonviolent protest,
Named by him as the Civil

This was a long drawn process,
Spanning full forty years,
Over which unarmed people
Suffered untold mayhem.

One of the worst incidents
Was Jallian Wala Bagh,
Where General Dyer fired on
Five hundred innocents.

Their crime was but simply this,
They were the audience
In a peaceful meeting that
Was addressed by leaders.

Violent crimes on the meek
Do not go unpunished.
This is what history tells.
This is the Rule of God.

Nineteen forty seven was
The year when India
Did cast off the British yoke
And gained independence.

• Written in 7-6-7-6 format

• Awarded third prize and awardicon on 21 January 2008 in The History Contest, "Invalid Item, second round. Also show-cased as Editor's pick in the Poetry Newsletter dated 23 July 2008.

M C Gupta
26 March 2007

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