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The sad need for recognition to know one actually does exist in your world.

Between blindness and sight;
Between the dark and light --
        gray, ordinary, cold.

Between deafness and song;
Between quiet and throng --
        still, empty, untold.

I linger in this uneven world
out of balance, vying the rail,
arms spread, looking frail.

Label me
like the love note
you never wrote,
lying under your clutter.

You forgot about me,
even though you say you love me.
You can't find me even if you tried.

Label me,
like the leftover meal
in a container you seal
and push to the back of the fridge.

Between sadness and glee,
a little part of the former me
flies beyond the pale night.

Between apathy and hope,
somehow I will cope,
even if things aren't right.

Just label me.

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