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A poem I wrote for a poetry slam we sponsored at my job to expose our students to poetry.
Don't buy the lie
that the media is selling
because of its message
we as a people are failing
we're failing to raise up
law abiding citizens
people that's concerned about
the direction our nation is headed in
the truth is, destruction is inescapable
when we do nothing and are more than capable
because the philosophy we're living by
is to get rich or die trying
or in the words of Young Jeezy,
trap or die.
You telling me I have to hustle, deal drugs or do something to survive
and that if I don't there ain't no point in being alive.
Don't buy the lie of American Idol,
Tyra Banks and America's Next Top Model
You're not a size zero and probably never will be
don't believe them, it's not about talent
how well you did, how hard you tried, not even your performance.
It's really about popularity, mediocrity and loosing your individuality.
Am I voting for the next idol, next model or geek
I'm voting no to immorality, poverty and homosexuality.
I vote yes to religiosity and anticonformity
that means not imitating what I see on tv
not letting Beyonce or Lil Boosie define my identity
So instead of American Idol or Next Top Model
I'll go to my Holy Bible
and find out that I don't have to hustle to survive
Jesus made it possible for me not to buy the lie.
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