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Even though I'm now in the military, old problems still linger.
*NOTE* I used to write quite often when I was in college. Unfortunately, that stopped for the most part. I worked hard, lost 115lbs body weight and managed to join the United States Navy. I'm now in my A-School, but the same emotional and insecurity issues I had when I was young affect me today. This is admittedly my first crack at poetry, but as with all of my writings, it comes from the heart.
I feel the need to note that this is by far incomplete. I'm still trying to sort out the words for the rest of it, and I didn't want to force anything for the sake of a more complete work.

He stood strong yet stood alone. His pride pulsed but his heart did not.
He smiled widely and looked happy, but was a better liar than they'd thought.

His arms appeared open but his emotions were locked away. He acted independant but would die on his own.
He tried to be unique but just felt different. He longed for the love his dreams had shown.

He was a good sport but was always bitter. He insisted but felt like the victim.
He did his best to joke often but barely clung on. His demons must've been on the planes with him.

He wore the uniform but felt like an actor. He tried to be just but he just couldn't manage.
He'd earned that opportunity yet thought he wasn't worthy. He knew then his habits had done all the damage.

He looked proud but felt ugly. He stood tall but tried to hide.
Now he's gone and finally resting, in the undertow of time's tide.
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