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SIX reasons why UFOs don't exist explains in a clear manner why UFOs do not exist.
SIX reasons why UFOs don't exist

1. Debunking the "U.S. Government conspiracy theory"
Just think, for the U.S. government to conspire to keep UFOs and alien knowledge from the general public, there has to be a perfect intergovernmental world conspiracy.

North Korea - hates the U.S. but co-operates with it on UFOs. Cuba - same thing, Old Soviet Union during the cold war- same thing, Many Arab countries - same thing. A lot of countries are in constant conflict all around the world, but when it comes to UFOs they are united even when they are at war. If there is an advantage to exposing the existence of UFOs to irritant their enemies, they won't take it.

Just think UFOs are uniting the world !!!!!

Let's face it, there is no government conspiracy except when it may be useful for the US military to keep the public thinking its weapons research are UFOs as an extra measure of secrecy, in case some of its citizens inadvertently spot a secret project.

Just within the past year some European governments have completely disclosed everything they know about UFOs. What kind of evidence did they reveal? Same old testimonial evidence with no real hard core physical evidence.

2. Debunking the "Scientist are 'scared of ridicule' theory"

According to UFO alien theorists, scientist are afraid to admit that UFOs exist because they are afraid of ridicule. But on the other hand, Scientists cheat and lie to gain fame and positions and grants for all kinds of research and investigations. It's a big and well known problem in the scientific community.
So a discovery in UFOs would be a big thing and would make any scientist world famous.....yet virtually all scientists stay away from this. Why? Because they know its pseudo-science (belief system masquerading as science) - and they know that people are very foolish and can believe in anything - not because they are "afraid of ridicule".
Why should any scientist be afraid of ridicule if they can prove that UFOs and aliens exist ?????

3. SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Life U.S. government program)

The NASA used to spend millions of dollars to study signals from alien worlds. Why if they have some UFO hotrod parked out in the back of the 'White House' would they have spent all this money?

4. Evidence is only testimonial

The only evidence for the existence of aliens and UFOs for the past 100 years or so is simply people's testimonials. No hard physical evidence has ever shown up. UFO "enthusiasts" claim the government is conspiring to keep it out of our hands.
Yet the U.S. government is a leaky sieve that constantly loses secrets all the time. Other governments also presumably conspire to keep alien knowledge secret. But the U.S. government can't control all these other countries to prevent their UFO secrets from leaking out. Despite the fact that there have been claims of tens of thousands of aliens coming here, there has not been a single instance of an alien physical object falling into the hands of an independent or university lab.

The perfect conspiracy again?

5. 1950s stories

Stories of UFOs and alien spaceships abounded in the 1950s. The Aliens were among us and came from within the Solar system. They were from Venus, Mars and the outer moons of Jupiter and Saturn. The government as usual was conspiring to keep this information from us but the proof that they came from these planets was out there somewhere. There were even a few religions founded by this phenomenon. Then the United States and Russia started sending probes to explore these planets and found them very inhospitable to life, all of a sudden these aliens were quietly moved out of the neighborhood to other star systems. Now all aliens travel faster than light and come from far away.
Of course the "proof" is still out there somewhere just further away, that's all.

6. Radio waves

If there were Aliens and UFOs in other star systems they probably would have been there for thousands of years. That means that any early communication technology like radio waves would be floating around and traveling to other stars for those same thousands and hundreds of years. They should have reached earth by now even before the aliens had, since presumably radio waves communication is usually invented before traveling between the stars. But for some strange reason the alien UFOs have gotten here first ???
We got the UFOs and the aliens first but not their radio waves. As a matter of fact if these aliens can travel faster than light shouldn't these radio waves still be out there ready to be received by our antennas. Unless of course as in item No.5 above, the aliens had to be moved out of the near 1000 light year neighborhood and further away, then our UFO "enthusiasts" could simply say the alien's technology is so advanced they simply beat their own radio waves to Earth.

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