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Poem about the Goddess of the Sea. Maybe there is one.
This poem is in the Poetry Newsletter March 16, 2022.

Beautiful Mermaid and dolphin Poser by Angel.
She rules the creatures of the sea,
She smiles as she watches dolphins at play.
Raging storms curse the ocean but she will make the waters calm again for you and me.
As a shining moon smiles down on the blue waters of the bay.

Mermaids swim and are loved the most by the Sea Goddess.
They tease the sailors on ships and are admired for their beauty.
The Sea Goddess laughs as sailors fantasize about a mermaid's kiss.
She loves being the Goddess and ruler of the sea.

Pirates have taunted the sea for centuries.
Oh! How they love their treasures!
They think they are the bee's knees!
The Sea Goddess shakes her head as her white cat on her lap sleeps and purrs.

The Sea Goddess will let storms approach.
She will never allow the oceans to be destroyed.
She wears a beautiful blue sapphire brooch.
She is so beautiful with long blonde hair and she feels like Helen of Troy!

She watched Viking ships make their journey.
She suffered heart break when the Titanic sank.
If only Captain Smith would have taken ice bergs seriously and obeyed the sea.
Creatures of the sea and man kind a like respect the ocean and owe the Sea Goddess thanks.

The Sea Goddess rules the waters of the land.
She provides food for men from the waters of the seas.
She stretches out her loving hand-
as she protects the sea, it's creatures and tries to keep the beautiful ocean safe for you and me!

Mermaid Princess Ribbon

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