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by Shelly
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Daily Flash Fiction 300 words or less must contain " I know you're lying to me."
Looking into the mirror, Sherry adjusted the long golden blonde wig on her head and ran her fingers through it to give it a natural look. She then dug through her purple sequined purse for her lipstick and applied a generous amount to her lips. She puckered twice and thought, “This bathroom stinks. I can’t believe that I am in this dive bar, but if Richard shows up with another woman instead of being out with his friends, I will have finally caught him in the act.”

After washing her hands, she opened the bathroom door and searched the bar over for him. He was not there—not yet. Sherry decided to sit in a booth at the back of the bar where the darkness would help conceal her identity if he were to arrive.

A haggard-looking waitress approached her while appearing to being bothered and asked, “Are you going to order something or not?”

“Yes, I’ll have a cosmopolitan,” Sherry replied.

“You're downtown lady, we don’t serve those cosmo…whatever.

“No problem …make it a whiskey and cola,” Sherry answered while wondering if she should just leave.

It was then she saw the bar door open and a couple entered and sat at the bar. She could only see shadow figures at first until her eyes adjusted from the light. Finally, she saw him. Her heart began to pound against her chest. She reached for her cell phone and dialed his number.

He answered, “Hello honey. Whatcha’ need?”

Sherry asked, “Where are you ... are you still out with the boys?”

“Of course I am.”

She slowly walked up behind him and said, “I know you’re lying to me…turn around.”

There she stood behind him as she pulled the wig from her head.

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