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Abortion may be the worst a person could ever legally do.
In the cold dark hours of the morning,
A woman sits on her bed and cries.
What she did still remains confidential,
But all we know,
It ruined her life.

How it happened she still mourns over,
Now she knows it was a mistake.
Everyone around her knows,
It was too hard to take.

Her husband had left her,
Her mother committed suicide.
Her sister is no longer speaking,
And they walk the line.
They walk the line.

What’s left is now unspoken,
She keeps it in her head.
Whenever she’s asked about it,
What she says,
Can be read.

They see that she’s now in depression,
Someone who could have been
A friend, a supporter, and the light;
So they walk the line.
They walk the line.

Now it’s four long years later,
She’s happier now.
With a new husband,
And a better life,
She finds out,
She’s pregnant again.

But then she decides not to end it,
She decides to not make another mistake.
And with the hope burning in her heart,
“I walk the line.”
“I walk the line.” 
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