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by Dawnie
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A young girl's village is attacked and she flees from the horrible disaster.
The sun danced along the dirt road through the forest; the clouds drifted through the clear blue sky. The birds and squirrels chattered playfully at one another and the small field mice, from the small meadow, raced in the tall weeds. To any human this scene maybe quiet peaceful, however for the terrified elemental demon, it wasn't.
The young girl, only fourteen, raced fearing for her life. Her sensitive ears picked up the pained cries and horrified screams of her village being slaughtered by an angered dog demon. Her sensitive nose filled with the scent of blood, smoke, and burining flesh carried by the small spring breeze. Her dark blue eyes filled with tears and fright as she ran away from the horrible tragedy brought to her village. Her once beautiful black and silver silk kimono was tattered and torn, dirtied by the escape of the ashened world come of her village and of her sticky blood that seeped out of her many scrapes and scratches. Her waist length silky raven black hair was damp from the presperation seeping from her pores and was flying behind her.
Sayuri Miro was once the daughter of the leader and priestess of the Healers Village. A village that saught out injured people and helped them heal. The young elemental demon that she was, she wasn't up to her full power and her people were easy pray for angered demons or war for they never did fight for they wer peaceful healers, now they were being slaughtered.
Sayuri's older sister Midori, was in another village helping a sick little human girl. Memories of the two of them with their father and mother during the happier times flooded through Sayuri's mind, causing more tears to flow. Her best friend Yume, had argued just before the attack and was one of the first ones to die at the evil demon's hand. {font}

Tears clouding her eyes, she tripped over a tree stump and fell to the ground, hitting her head and going unconscious.
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