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life blood!
Cold chills run up the hairy spine of this feable bartender, stearing intently at the one called "jackpot",a scream of his highly held name is heard echoing through the still smoky filled bar. Jackpot, a highly decorated Leutenant of police had just come of duty from his city beat in the red light district were he is well known as the crime punisher. "Where is Leighton", jackpot said with a grimace on his face which had been well laden with the marks of his troubled history of crime fighting. A man that stood at six feet, stockly built from his regular workouts either in the gym or on the streets, he struck a pose in his usual black t-shirt and black leather jacket well matched with his dark lether pants and boot many stood in fair for his fame had proceeded him. "jack howww! yooouu doooing", the bartender said stumbling over his words in a stuttering fashion as he tried to compose himself at the sight that beheld him. "shutup shorty, i want to know were leighton is", he said sternly, awaiting an answer from the bar audience he had obviously struck dumb.

Leighton johnson is the leader of the leading crime sindicate family in the city but yet kept close to his roots living in the red light district of where he grew up. "i'm right here jack, what seem's to be the trouble" he said with a slight grin on his face. Jackpot is a true marksman in the bain of the name marksman, he usually carries a colt magnum and semi automatic pistol that he wares under his leather jacket and which he is now fully ready to use.
His movements are quick and swift almost super human as he lunges towards Leighton, two of his men try stopping him but jack swiftly leaps in the air and utilizes his kickboxing prowess dilivering two smashing blows to their heads, leaving them unconscious. "halt Jackpot, what is it? i haven't done anything wrong" Leighton pleaded, jackpot responded"you know very well that the Nelson Family wanted you in prison for the death of their little girl, and what did you do you got some of your thugs to go up their and blow them away". "you can't prove that, and if you lay a hand on me i'll sue you into the end of the world"he answered back,jack simply replied"your world is about to come to an end", with that jackpot took out his magnum and took aim. However unknown to jackpot their was a metal machine waiting in the corner for the crime Lord's signal and with a twitch of his eyebrow the M13 fully automated megamachine struck out of his hiding place and attacked jackpot.

Jack with his gun at the crime bosses throat saw the mechanical machine through the corner of his eye and with that his muscle's sprung into action. He jumped backwards flipping ontop of a table gun intow and took aim with both guns aimed at the machine. Leighton shouted out to jack "now we will see who will die you stupied asshole, this machine was developed by the Coin Organization with you in mind, i was hoping to stay and watch but i have other pressing matters to attend to you understand,don't let me see you again jack unless your in your coffin". The mech- machine started firing and chreading whatever was in it's way, jackpot responded with his own shots that did little to dent the crome exterior of this grimacing creature. jackpot prounced from where he stood, rooling on the ground while machine gun fire blazed the entire room, their was litteraly no place for him to hide his wits abound with terror at the thought that this no name bar was to be the site of his demise. Jackpot as his name proclaims, is one who has struck the motherload of any form of wealth, and to this end, he has lived his life like one of the luckiest men alive throwing caution to the wind and his body to whatever ill-will becomes it.

Jackpot decides to end this game quickly before anyone seriously gets hurt. He pushes the heals of his leather boots forward to reveal two lazer blades at the ends and presses the cuff's of his jacket to reveal razer sharp titanium steel heatdisk that heat up when thrown. With these weapons now at his disposal he throws two disk at the 7 foot mech foe, mangling it's key weapons, those imposing machine guns, then he throws two more disks at it's mechanical wheel base that leaves it immobile and unable to continue any forward progress and with that Jackpot moves in for the kill with stealth and quickness utlilizing his lazer bladed shoes he chops the machine down to an unrecognizable sight.

It was a good time to die but only for the mechanical monster. jack had once again escaped another near death experience with hardly a scratch.
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