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by JP
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This is a list of characters. Help me name them and get GPs. :)
Please help me come up with names for the following characters:

The crew of the Sea Rat

1. The Captain:  He is a tall lanky fellow with short white hair.  He wears bits of a US navy uniform.  He did several tours in Vietnam as captain of a riverboat.  During one tour his entire crew was killed, his boat lost.  He holds a masters in psychiatry.  His estranged wife is an admiral in the Navy.  She assigned him to be captain of the Sea Rat to get rid of him because she was having an affair.  The Captain while commanding the submarine, whose mission was to both spy on enemy countries and to conduct psychological warfare, discovered something on the sea floor that changed him and the crew.  He now is dedicated to helping mankind in a sort of macro therapy session.

2. The First Mate/Engineer: He is a short stocky man with red hair and a beard. He likes to yell a lot and seems to love the sound of his own voice.  He has an explosive temper.  He can fix or build anything out of anything.  He says he hates everyone.  The Captain’s wife assigned him to the Sea Rat to kill the captain.  He also knits.
3. Information Officer: He is a shadowy figure only because he is neurotic and rarely takes his eyes off of the computer screen. He is convinced that god exists in what he calls the internet collective.  He was a computer hacker who went by the name goatjoe in the early eighties and nineties.  He was assigned to the Sea Rat as part of a deal he made with government agency that both he and Captain claim does not exist.

4. The Captain’s Wife… Admiral something or other: She graduated from the Naval Warfare College with a degree in Military studies.  She became the Navy’s first and only female Admiral.  She is calloused, angry, officious, and still in love with the captain.

5. The internet: A collection of largely useless information that must be looked  through in the same way that a child might look through grass clippings for a dropped piece of candy.
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