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In memory of my friend who passed away due to cancer.
Man on the Edge of Eternity

He lay in the hospital bed, knowing his time had come. As the world before him faded, he was not afraid. He knew the Lord Jesus, had known him for a long time. He sang for him, and every stroke of his fingers across the strings of his old guitar had been for him. He was content now; he was leaving a world of pain behind him.

And so he closed his eyes here on earth, and when he opened his new eyes it was to a wonderful sight of all glory and beauty. The air shone with angels and was filled with sweet music. Words cannot be found, written, or said for the wonder of everything around him. This was heaven. This was his new home.

In the midst of all of this, was the most wonderful and beautiful thing of all. A throne, and not just any throne. Upon the throne was seated God, also an indescribable sight. He smiled, a glorious smile never seen upon the earth, and stretched out his hand like a father might to a son. He spoke in a voice both powerful and loving.

“You stand on the edge of eternity my child, come home to me.”

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Sam was a dear friend to me. He was fifty-nine years old, and the guitar player for anyone at church who had a song they wanted to sing. On many occasions he would say that he didn't know a song, and then start playing his guitar and sing more than half of it. I once made the comment, "Sam you don't know anything, but you know everything!"

The last words he ever spoke to me were “I love you.” And I said “I love you too Sam.” That was the last time I saw him alive on this earth. He was lying in a hospital bed, ill with a very aggressive cancer. It's still hard to believe that he won't ever be with us on earth again.

One day though, I will see him again. He won’t be in pain, and he won’t be lying in any hospital bed, for there will be no need for hospitals; and he’s going to say “I love you, welcome home,” and I’ll say “I love you too.”

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*Heart*In loving memory of Sammy, who knew nothing and yet knew everything.*Heart*
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