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Something new from me. No shrinking fun. No erotica. Just ..
Whenever I close my eyes,
ehind the walls.]

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Paqle brown talentless horror of black flowerrs burning in cold black light
N0othing left nothing
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Thew woma
I see her dark neon light flicker put her face in shadow and I remember her
as if it was something
a long time ago
Deja Vu
Pale skin and black
The Writer grins at me fro0m the corber and winksThere's npo comeback to
that knid a
I'm a fucking professional
Not just yer ave profesional mind, but a FUCKIN professional!

She sees quality and she knows it
I feel itchy
If I had skin, it'd be crawling
Her eyes hurt
In them I see everything
I see everything but her
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