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by embe
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The greatest treasure I ever found.
Simone, why are you lying crying the day away,
when you could be sharing with others sitting here
waiting like you, and longing for someone to be
the happy family to come and take you to a new home,
where you can share the room with a bed, by the door
if you get scared and never need to leave the room?

Matron, I know you mean well but no one wants me,
a cripple lying on the floor needing a helping hand
to pick me up and carry me down the stairs,
to spend the time to undress and bathe me on the floor.
That is why I sit and cry and wonder why I'm alive
not knowing what happened to me to deserve this.

Today, Simone my adopted daughter lives with me
to be the most loving child I have ever seen.
She insists that we invite the homeless orphans
to visit once a week and Matron to bake the cake,
for her to serve while strapped to her chair
and blow out the candles, one by one for a cheer.

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