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a poem about the deteorating conditions on this planet
An Almost Perfect Race

Almost perfect except we
We need.
We just got to have.
We kill our planet:
Our home…
Our world,
Just to have what
We want.
What we need.
What we just got to have.
Killing our mothers before
Their time because,
We want.
We need.
We just got to have.
We kill the animals because,
We want more room
We need more room
We just got to have more room.
We kill our own people
Of wanting,
Of needing,
Of just got to having.
Humans yes we do these things,
Whether it is for money or for drinks.
We kill we want we need.
Well let me tell you
We have succeeded in killing;
Our planet is deteorating,
Our air is smog,
Our water is polluted,
Our children are dying.
And now well
We are next; we need to
Reverse the progress
Save the world
Raise the forests
Cut the cars, the oil,
The fumes,
Turn off the faucet when in the bathroom.
Cut off the lights when you’re not around
Saving the world
It’s not worth a frown
Saving the world
Is saving yourself
So step up and
Let’s start the process
And sit back and watch things grow
We want it to
Because we need it to
Because it has to.
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