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Jonathan and his men charge the city not to glory but unto death. Remarks?
Off in the distance we see what appears to be a glint of light coming from some unknown location.  As we float over to see what exactly is going on we see that the glint of light is actually coming from a pair of binoculars that are tightly pressed against a hooded man’s face.  We cannot see any distinctive features of the man only that he is of a firm build and is probably a tall man.  His hood which is grey with darker grey lines covers his firm quite well in the destitute ruins of the city.  If it were not from the glint of the binoculars we would have never of seen him.  He is looking at Viktor and at the group of men that he leads, and he is also viewing the city and its defenses.  As we pondering as to what this man is doing he has vanished as if he was never there and our attention is drawn back to Jonathan who has apparently gotten his men ready because he is charging down toward the massive structure screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs like some type of barbaric warrior.  The men look like the epitome of bravery.  We look at them and think back to the famous men of Poland who, despite staggering odds, charged with horses the tanks of WWI.  Of course nobody that we see would know nothing of this little tad bit of history. We watch the scene in a dazed shock.
A sound echo’s off in the distance.  It sounds like a loud but quick burst of gunpowder and before our minds can recognize what has just happened we notice that Jonathan is no longer screaming.  In fact, Jonathan is crumpled up on the ground about ten feet from the beginning of the entrance.  He is looking back at us with a dazed and confused look as if he just hit an invisible brick wall.  We see a pattern of crimson forming on his jacket where his chest pocket is located.  Then, he is face down on the ground never to look up again.
         Ethan, Jonathan’s first pick for this task, looks over at his fallen friend half stopping his crazed pace confused as to why his captain has just stopped.  Just then, another shot echoes out of the distance, and Ethan is no longer looking at his friend but looking face down into the cold depths of the earth.  Two men are down in a matter of seconds, and we start to ponder the deranged character of the man who sent them to their deaths without even a trace of remorse. 
         The third man, whose name we do not know, is apparently the smarter of the two men and immediately has realized in mid run that they are being target by snipers.  After the first shot he does not stop in ignorance nor looks back.  He just listens as he quickens his pace looking for any cover that he can find.  As he listens he can hear two thuds which he distinctively recognizes as the bodies of his fellow men hitting the ground.  Then, before he can think again he dives for the inside cover of the two walls that surround the entrance to the structure.  It looks like something out of a cartoon a man flying through the air like a super hero, but as he is flying and he does realize he is flying do to the slow effect nature in which he finds himself.  He looks down to see several metal objects sticking up from out of the ground.  These metal objects resemble the small fingers of children and they look as if they are reaching up from out of the ground.  As if the doomed children of this city’s past were trying to unearth themselves from their horrible tombs.  He does not need to guess what these little metal objects are he is a man of war, and he knows that within seconds he will no longer know existence. 
         Standing back we see an awesome show of technical ability as the one soldier leaps into the air with such quickness that a sniper’s bullet grazes the ground right where he was standing.  Even though this man has probably done unspeakable deeds we are glad that he has made it past the snipers.  As we watch in eagerness he flies towards the confines of the wall, and before we can rejoice much longer we hear a minor explosion.  The air around the soldier is suddenly filled with hundreds of small metals balls which consume his body like some type of demonic pinball game.  But this time there are no happy chimes or music there is only the crack of bones breaking, and the finally whoosh of air as the man’s lungs give out their last bit of air.  By the time the dust and smoke settle we see the barely recognizable features of a man lying in a mutilated heap at the entrance of this “unprotected” structure. 
         Viktor, looks over to the scout with a coldness in his eyes and states, “Good job on the defenses scout.”  Then, he slowly walks through the ranks of his men back to the make shift tent they have set up for him.  The scout immediately faced with a curious predicament.  The scout is a very unlucky man.  We can tell this just by looking around at the faces of the men who are staring at him with murderous rage.  This scout will not last through the night and everybody including Viktor know it. Jonathan was a popular man among the troops. 
         The scout thinks very quickly as the men start to come upon him.  He looks around for his gun and sees that he has foolishly left it two steps behind him leaning on some from of debris.  He can run but he knows that they will just shoot him in the back, but if he can just stall for a few seconds he can have at his weapon.  Then, he could shoot a few and take off running for the edge of the alleyway and find some type of shelter for the night.  He was a better tracker than any of these men and he was extremely good at concealing himself.  The scout looking up at the men states, “I told Viktor that they had snipers. I told him that they were not going to just leave this place unguarded.”  As he speaks he is slowly backing up.  One of the men looking at him with disbelief yells, “You are a liar.  The commander would never lead Jonathan to slaughter like that.  He would probably let a coward dog like you die, but never a brave warrior like Jonathan.”  The plan was working and his hand was almost on his weapon when a soldier, that had crept up behind him with extreme stealth, grabbed him kicking the weapon from his grasp.
         “Please, I told him of the defenses I did. Please don’t kill me,” pleads the scout as he is dragged away from his weapon by several men.  He is trying to put up a fight and has kicked and scratched several of the men before he is finally beaten so badly that he can no longer resist the blows that are coming in every direction from what seems like a million boots. You can hear faint shouting as they ferociously beat this young man to death in the alleyway of the street in which they are standing.           
         Viktor is marveling in his mind.  He has killed two birds with one stone.  The enemy would never believe those three men where attached to a bigger unit.  Their commander would have to be mad to send them to their deaths.  They will think that these men where just crazed barbaric scavengers or maybe even vengeful desperadoes.  He laughs inside of himself, “I have also gotten rid of that little annoying scout who dared to give me an educated guess.” He knows this, not only by pure intuitive knowledge, but he can also hear the thud of boots and whimpering pleas of mercy.  And then, all is quiet and he is alone in his tent to his thoughts.
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