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Writing Test I Took
Part 2

1. Well, I really did not have an interest to write until my first year at college. I really do not think it was even an interest to write, but my creativity boiling up inside of me looking for a means of escape. I used to have to drive about nine hours back and forth from home to school during the holidays, and during these times, hating driving alone, would dream up stories in my mind to make the time pass. I will never forget the story that bubbled up in my mind. It was the first time that I was able to daydream a completely foreign story that took the entire nine hours. I have always been a daydreamer, as a child, they would say it was one of my major downfalls during my educational process. I remember the teachers would always complain to my parents, “Your son is capable of achieving such high levels of understanding, yet he locks himself in his own personal world of imagination.” It almost wound me up in a school for metal challenged students. Now in college, I had learned to control my imagination and strived to use it only for entertainment and not for everyday life! This story continued to be built like a house that a master builder slowly constructs with only a picture lingering in his mind. The only problem with this scenario is that I am not a master builder. A master builder has the knowledge and the tools to make his vision reality, but I do not have the knowledge or the tools to do anything, even though, it burns deep inside of me to do so. As you read this you will better understand why I do not have the knowledge or the tools to make my dream a reality. I have a massive novel built in my head sitting their as grand as the empire state building. It sits there because I cannot move it. I, like Plato, cannot take this image and make it reality. That is why I believe I must write to free myself of the burden of my own imagination.

Part 3

2. Tired and upset, his wife walked through the door. She had just spent all day at the bank listening to old ladies complain about their check registers, and frankly she wanted to melt her stress away with a hot bath. Yet with all of her stress she still looked impressive. Dressed in slick dress pants and a beautiful, yet cold, colored dress shirt she looked as though she had just walked in from a winter wonderland. That is what he liked about her the most was her pale complexion, which some would think unattractive, during a time when almost everybody tanned. He was so excited he could barely contain himself, but was lost momentarily by her sweet gaze, lost in the bright green forest of her eyes. Regaining his composure he said, “Lover,” which they used as a joke, “I got the job.” That was all that could come out because his smile was so big the sounds freely went out all around, and could not be contained in words. She smiled back at him not because of her excitement but because her husband never smiled and his smile melted her stress away.

Part 4

3. Title: How to run a 10-28 or license plate through a local government channel.
a. First, your officer will come over his radio and ask you to run a 10-28.
b. Next, if your officer knows what he is doing, he will give you the plate number, with the phonetic spelling, and tell you what type of plate whether a car, truck, or motorcycle, and what state it resides. The phonetic spelling is a tool used by dispatcher which gives a whole word that starts with the letter you are stating. For instance, A is Adam and B is boy. This helps if you cannot speak properly or loudly.
c. Then, you as the dispatcher will click your microphone button on your county governments’ channel and proclaim, “Macoupin County from Bunker Hill,” or whatever area you are dispatching from, “10-28.”
d. After a period of time, the dispatcher for county will return and tell you to go ahead with you 28. When you do this (dispatching) for a while you will drop the first 10 and just use the last numbers.
e. You will then read the license plate to the county dispatcher who will take it, and run it thru a computer to see what it comes up with. It will look up the person who owns the vehicle. Also, it will tell if you that person has had any problems including, but not limited to, expired plates, warrants, and if they have a history of crime. If they do the dispatcher will usually ask if your officer is 10-61 which means; are they alone to take a message. That way when they tell you the person is wanted for rape or murder they are not standing right there to try to kill you. Also, when you run it 28 it does not come up with anybody except the vehicle owner, and the owner may not be the person driving that vehicle. In that case you would run a 10-27, 29 from the driver’s license card which would give the information on them.
f. When you have your 28 you always thank the dispatcher for looking it up for you. Our county dispatchers are very fragile creatures. They are indoctrinated with two personalities so that they can accomplish the task of dispatching. The one they use to greet the oncoming public with their many questions and frustrations. It is a pleasant and happy disposition. The other they use to tear and cut those of the public that just left their stressful domain. I used to always think God made people to do this job because the stress can be overwhelming. Therefore, with this knowledge, you must always be polite because they might turn on you and sink their teeth into you, and friends it is not a pleasant thing.
g. When you receive the information back you write it down as fast as you can and then you get on your radio and tell the officer exactly what they just got done telling you. If you officer is wise he listens to the traffic going over the radio and does not need you to repeat what they said.

Part 5

4. Focus on a subject:
a. The first subject I would right about is divorce. I would right about my wife’s affair and how much it destroyed our marriage.
b. The second subject is about my dream girl and how I have loved her since we were children and how that love has changed over the years.
c. The next subject would be how I witnessed a local pastor and his wife destroy their lives through drinking and sleeping around on each other.
d. I would probably write about my first trip to college my freshman year with my roommate and how we almost died.

Part 6

5. When I saw this I immediately knew what I wanted to write about. I want to share with you something that has changed my life dramatically; my wife’s affair. Now, first, you have to know me to understand why this has affected my life so much. Most people do not think divorce is a bad thing, but due to my religious convictions it is the worst possible thing that could ever happen to me. I love my wife and I have always strived to be a good husband. Even though I put so much effort and time into this task it never seemed to please her. Well, while I was in school she decided that my life was not good enough for her. She decided that the arms of another man would be more pleasing to her. While I went to school she started an adulterous affair with a man who claimed to be so much more than myself. I never even saw it coming. My dad had a stroke so I went to go visit him out of state and when I returned she had moved out. I loved her so much I pleaded with her to return. I started to go to counseling to improve myself as a husband, and nothing I did worked. She was so caught up in her own lies that I became a monster to her and her to me. I fought for my marriage as hard as I could but there is not defense so somebody who wants to do right. I never forget the myriads of people who would say to me, “It’s her right to get a divorce.” I wanted to scream in their faces what about my rights. Do get any rights in this matter? I made a commitment as a mature adult to love this woman my whole life. I did not reject her she rejected me. I wanted to work on this marriage and she did not even try how is that fair to me? Our courts, seemingly, do not protect the rights of individuals, but makes judgment on whose rights to grant. As you can see, this situation has deeply wounded me. I had given everything I could to my wife and was given lies and scars in return. I will never be a whole person again. I will always be missing that part of my life. The day she left is the day that my soul died.

Part 7

6. The Day My Soul Died.

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