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Chapter One: Moving In. Alice decides she needs a roommate, and Jack decides to move in.

  Chapter One
Moving In  

         It was spring, and everywhere things could be seen in bloom, or growing green.  It was a beautiful day too, with hardly any clouds in the sky, and the temperature was just right.  Alice was walking to her favorite café in the town, New Hartford on her way to meet one of her good friends, Kate.  When she arrived at the café, Kate was already there with a cup of coffee in her hands sitting by a window facing the street. Kate had big red curly hair, but it was in control. She was defiantly one of the prettiest girls Alice was a friend with. Kate thought she now had the perfect face thanks to her recent nose job. She was also blessed with a rather large chest area. She isn’t naturally that tall, but she’s always in heels that make her look six feet tall.
Alice entered, and sat down at a seat next to Kate. Not able to look as fabulous as her friend, but better looking than she gives herself credit for. She put down the bag she was carrying from a nearby store, and went to get herself something to drink.  At the counter, she noticed that all the prices had gone up, she then thought about asking why that was, but then decided against it.  Alice took her cappuccino, and sat down again. 
         Both began talking about life in general, Alice hadn’t much to talk about that was positive.  Kate, on the other hand, had many pleasant things to say which made the conversation lighter.  Alice was in a bit of trouble with her bills, and monthly rent.  She recently got a new job because where she used to work had to close.  Since then she had to take a drop in her pay.  It was during that conversation that Kate came up with the idea of getting a roommate. But it was Alice who said it would only be for two months, unless it all went well. Then they would decide how long the roommate would stay.
         Alice lived in a very nice apartment by herself.  It was made for at least two people, but she practically fell in love with the apartment once she saw it.  The living room, dining room, and kitchen were all one very big room.  The living room, and dining room were connected to the kitchen, but not each other.  Columns in the middle, and a change in floor separate the kitchen, and living room.  The living room has a light gray carpet, and the kitchen has a black tile floor.  The dining room is separated because the bathroom creates an invisible line that runs from its wall to the other side of the dining room.  In the kitchen there is a long dark green counter with a black marble top that has four stools on the outside.  The refrigerator, stove, and another smaller counter are on the inside against the wall.  There is also a door that leads into a bedroom Alice uses as a study/very large closet.  Off the dining room there are three doors that lead to a bathroom, Alice’s bedroom, and a small porch that overlooks the town.
         An hour passed quickly, and both went back to Alice’s apartment to decide how another person would fit.  On the way over, they ran into Emily, another friend of theirs.  All three then went to the apartment.  They sat down at the large counter in opposing stools.  Kate said that she would have roomed with her friend, but couldn’t because she already had an apartment of her own with another person.  Emily was unable to because she already lived with two cousins.  Emily was the one who suggested the advertisement.  That idea though scared Alice a little because she didn’t have much trust in those she did not know, and did not want crazy, or freaky people to answer her.  With a lot of persuasion from her two friends, she did end up putting out an ad in the local paper.  After doing so she again realized what a horrible idea it was, and automatically regretted making such a decision.
         Another reason she regretted doing it was she forgot someone.  Ben was a sweet, understanding guy, at least when it dealt with things that weren’t involving himself.  He did a lot of nice things for Alice because he either wanted to, or because he wanted something in return.  He was also her boyfriend, and would not like the idea that his girlfriend was going to be living with a stranger.  The day after the advertisement was sent out, he called her asking her about it, and didn’t sound too pleased.  Alice then had to spend a half an hour explaining to him the innocence of it, and that it was too soon for them to move in together seeing as they’ve only been together for two months.  Because of Alice’s natural talent of persuasion, he ends the phone call feeling much better about the situation.
         It then occurred to Alice that there still wasn’t an extra room for anyone.  There was a lot of time to spare, and she began to clean out the study room in a hurry.  She wasn’t exactly sure what she was in a rush for, but she was.  Most of the things in the room fit nicely in her room.  All the other things she found other places for in the living room, and one spot in the dining room.

         A day later, Alice received a call on the phone from a voice that was unrecognizable.  The voice introduced himself as Jack Grover.  He was one of the people who wanted to look at the apartment, and meet Alice.  They arranged a time later that day, and she began straightening the house before he came.  There was also another woman coming at the same time whose name Alice had already forgotten.
         The two people came around the same time, the woman arriving first, whose name she then remembered was Danielle.  She was just like Alice expected her to be.  She was a little shorter than average, with shoulder length thick brown hair.  Danielle had a kind face, the kind that little children would have as their nanny.  Her personality seemed to reflect her face, with even a soft voice.  Such a person Alice couldn’t actually see herself living with because it was too nice, or motherly.  A minute or two later Jack knocked on the door.  He wasn’t at all what Alice was expecting to see.  He was around her age, tall with a nice build.  He had short dark hair, too good looking to be single, and much too good-looking to be searching for an apartment with someone like Alice.  It was then that she decided that he must be gay, or something like that, and felt strangely disappointed.  She then showed them the basic apartment, and answered all their questions.  After they left she realized that she was hoping Jack would be the one to move in, especially if her only other option was Danielle.

         A week had passed since the ad was displayed, and there had already been ten phone calls.  Half of them were automatically dismissed because Alice did not like them, or they could not afford to live with her.  Another one decided not to live there because he did not Alice herself.  Five people were left to choose – two of them guys, and three of them girls.  Within a day of that two more people either found another place, or something else.  The three remaining people were Gretchen, Jack, and another named Danielle.  All of them were nice people, and had no advantage to the other, so instead of choosing herself she went to her friends Emily, and Kate for advice. 
         Alice went over to the phone, to dial Kate’s number when the phone rang.  She picked it up to find that Gretchen was calling to tell her that she was going to be moving in with her new fiancé, in Texas.  It was then down to Jack, and Danielle.  Instead of consulting Kate or Emily knowing that they would choose Jack because he’s a guy, she took a quarter out of her purse that sat on a nearby table.  Heads meant Danielle, and tails meant Jack.  She closed her eyes, and shook the coin with her right hand, and dropped it on the floor.  When she heard it land, she opened her eyes, and waited until it stopped spinning.  Alice knelt down closer to the coin to see that it had landed on tails.  Not completely happy with the results she got up, and did it again promising herself that it would be best out three.  Again she closed, this time shaking the coin harder, and dropping it.  Alice then automatically dropped to the floor after it.  Instead of waiting for it to stop spinning, she placed her hand over it to stop it, when she lifted up her hand it was heads.  Once more she picked up the coin, and shook it before dropping it to the floor.  Once more she impatiently put her hand over the spinning quarter.  Slowly, she raised her hand, and looked to see what side was faced up.  Alice then decided to call them up to tell them the news.
         Alice called Jack to tell him when he would be able to begin moving in to the apartment.  Afterwards, she called up Kate and Emily to tell them who her new roommate was going to be.  Kate, of course was very excited, and invited herself over immediately.  Emily was then automatically coming over because it wouldn’t be fair to invite one and not the other.
         It only took fifteen minutes to speed across town to her apartment.  While there, Kate allowed herself to go behind the counter, and get food from the cupboards.  She then returned to her stool a little disappointed because of the lack of food.  And began picking at some fruit in a basket in front of her.  Alice made another mental note to go to the store before Jack gets here and thinks something wrong of her.  It didn’t take long before Kate could not talk about their upcoming guest.
         “So when is, what’s his name getting here Alice?” Kate asked.
         “His name is Jack, and he’ll probably get here after you’ve left.” Alice said as calmly as she could.
         “Oh I doubt that.  I’m staying here until I get to meet this guy.” She leaned back into the chair.  Alice was not pleased with that because Jack wasn’t coming for a few hours, and she still needed to get things ready.  “So what’s he like? Is he young, good-looking, dark? Tell me everything!” She leaned eagerly forward trying to get as much information as she could.
         “He’s,” Alice began, trying to remember what she could.  She wasn’t really paying much attention the one time she seen him in person.  “A little taller than me, and I suppose he’s okay looking.”
         “Great I’m excited already!” Kate interrupted.
         Kate’s enthusiasm wasn’t helping Alice’s anxiety.  She knew that the whole was a bad idea, and now that she went through with it, she didn’t want her insane friends to drive him away.  It was going to beat least a couple of hours before he would come over again, and Alice was going through different reasons to get Kate and Emily to leave before he comes. 
         Kate and Emily kept talking excitedly over their new guest, and Alice had come up with her fifth idea.  It was then that they all heard the four knocks on the door.  Alice looked up at the clock automatically; it was an hour before she thought he’d be here.  Then she turned her attention to the two girls who looked as if they’d die of excitement.  She got up out of her seat, and went to the door, hoping it was someone else – anyone else.  She opened the door and there he was.  A little taller than she remembered, and her first thoughts of him possibly being gay also went away.  There was nothing that benefited her anyways if he didn’t know that she already had a boyfriend.  Alice put on a welcoming smile as best she could, and invited him in.  She was careful to walk behind him to give any look necessary to Kate or Emily.  They weren’t being too stupid, but almost normal.  It was a relief for Alice, and then she got in between them to introduce Jack to Kate and Emily.  It was then that Alice could see Kate trying to fight back a larger smile and even something to say.  Alice quickly showed Jack where he could put his things, and where his new room would be. 
         After he left to go back downstairs to get his belongings.  Kate and Emily began squealing once they were sure he had gone in the elevator down the hall.  It was loud too, and Alice ended up having to cover her ears.  She also hoped even in the elevator, Jack couldn’t hear that.
         “Oh my God Alice!” Kate began, and not quietly either.  “Why didn’t you tell us before that he was going to be so damn gorgeous?!”
         It didn’t take long for Emily to get her opinions in either.  “Do you know if he’s single or not?”
         “Can we move in too?”
         “Uh, I'm trying not to have an opinion on his looks.” Although even she knew that Kate was more than right.  “I’m not sure if he’s single, but he’s probably not.  And, no neither of you can move in with me.” Both of their faces dropped in amusing disappointment.  “There just wouldn’t be enough room for all four of us.”
         “We’ll be fine sharing a room with him.” Kate said.
         Alice could only shake her head and smile.  This turned out not to be such a bad idea after all, Alice thought.  She made a mental note to thank Kate sometime in the next few years.  To also avoid further embarrassment on her part, she wanted Kate and Emily to leave sometime before Jack gets back.  Then again, she thought, maybe leaving them to see him in the hall alone would be worse.  I’ll wait until he gets back, then they leave.
         “Okay you guys, Jack is going to be having a very stressful time moving in, so maybe it would be better for you two to become better acquainted with him at another time,” Alice said, hoping they would at least somewhat understand.  And the blank looks didn’t help much.
         “I think I get what you mean Alice,” Emily said.  Then tugging Kate’s arm toward the door.
         “Uh, I meant after he gets back.”
         Both women immediately sat back down.  Kate began picking and eating some fruit again.  Alice unintentionally did the same thing.  Only because she was nervous, and didn’t realize what she was doing until Jack came in and she quickly pulled her hand away.
         When he came back, he was carrying a huge mattress; he threw it into the small room, he then started to arrange things. 
         “Emily, who out of all three of us do you thinks is going to get to do him first?” Kate asked.
         “Well, I’m hoping it’s me, but when reality hits me, I know it’ll be you.”
         “Thank you.  I’d vote me too.  Alice what do you think?”
“You guys this is stupid.” She didn’t want to win, but “Kate, I think you’ll win.”
“Me too.  Twenty bucks from both of you if I do.  Also on some strange occurrence, Emily you will receive forty bucks if it is you, and Alice, the same goes for you.”
“What about Ben?” Emily asked, seemingly interested in Kate’s hopefully wrong answer.
“If Alice wins, she’ll get an extra ten from one of us just for that.” Kate said in a devilish tone. It got Alice worried though.
Jack came back out, smiled at each one of them, and then went back out.  Kate and Emily then made their exit behind him.  Alice was hoping they weren’t making fools of themselves.
“Two months.” Alice reminded herself aloud.
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