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by me
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A girl discovers her secret talent and takes it to life only to find it coming back on her
Lizzie was a very talented young lady. She could do mostly everything well. From writing to playing the trumpet to singing to acting to even her own unique talents. She has been obsessed with things from Barney to boys. But the day that both changed her life were the best. And this is her story

It was a hot and sunny August day. The 2nd day of school had arrived and 10 year old Lizzie sat in math class admiring the boy she had a crush on at the time. Who knew math could change her life for good and bad? Who knew words could tell a story? Math workbooks haven't showed up yet and the teacher had some leftover survey papers. Everyone had to pick their own answer and survey everyone else. A question read on the paper, "Your favorite TV show" Lizzie was ashamed of her favorite shows. Pregnancy shows. The boy she had a huge crush on, Darren, said he liked a show called, Whose Line is it Anyway. At first, she pictured the show as a game show and decided to watch it. When she got home that day, she asked her mother what it was. "Oh that show is so stupid! It's been taken off TV for years, it was a Drew Carey show- he made it after The Drew Carey Show." Lizzie was familiar with Drew Carey and knew a little about him. When she was five, she and her parents watched it. That night, she needed more information. She looked on the game show channel for Whose Line is it Anyway. It wasn't there. She still didn't give up. She searched the whole TV for Whose Line is it Anyway. Bingo! Her mom was wrong! She found it. But, it came on at 10:00, so she couldn't watch it. She told her mom about it. Her mother's reactions were shocked. Lizzie read the info and giggled, "Scenes from a hat? Songs of the zookeeper? This is going to be fun to watch!" Two days later she was watching it. When she saw the room they were in it was nothing she had expected. But when she saw Drew Carey, she laughed so hard! Her mom came into her room to see what all of the laughter was about. She pointed to Ryan Stiles (in which Lizzie had no clue who he was) "That guy was on the Drew Carey Show." Lizzie didn't know who she was pointing to. "The old bald one?" "No that one," Lizzie's mom said pointing to Ryan Stiles. Lizzie laughed. She knew nobody so she gave them all names: Ryan Stiles being 'tall guy', Colin Mochrie being 'bald guy' Wayne Brady being 'black guy' Greg Proops being 'that dead guy, Brad Sherwood being 'The cool dude', Chip Esten being 'the same guy as the cool dude'. Pretty soon, though it took her a while, she caught onto their names and started to understand the show a little.

Lizzie had other problems to deal with. For one, she was getting a new rabbit and two, her grandfather was almost dead. On Septemember 8th, her grandfather passed away. On Septemember 14th, she got a new rabbit who had been abused. She was so disapointed. She pictured a big fluffy rabbit but got this one! No matter what happened, she always watched Whose Line. She was having a rough time in school, not acidemicly, but being picked on. Watching Whose Line made her feel better and she wondered if all of those men were picked on because of what they did. Pretty soon, Lizzie became obsessed with the show and knew almost everything about the show itself and the people on it. Then she began to watch the British version of Whose Line is it Anyway ontop of the American version. Then after years of wondering what she wanted to do when she grew up, she had something. A comedienne. She loved making people laugh. But she kept this a secret. Along with this, she fell in love with Ryan Stiles and kept it a secret. For she knew what would happen if that came out! She went into a depression. Ryan was a 47 year old married man who lived in Washington, she was a 10 year old girl living in Pennsylvania. Why couldn't she be a comedienne now? Why didn't my mom have me earlier? I could've been on this show!

One of the things Lizzie didn't know was that Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood were touring the country. She tried to get tickets, but the show would be too far. Soon enough her 11th birthday came. Her mom took her to the mall. She felt good about getting new things for her 'stash'. 10 days later, Christmas came. Lizzie woke up at 3 AM to watch Whose Line is it Anyway. She watched Brad Sherwood closely admiring him and trying to make herself fall in love with him. She couldn't so she went to open her presents. Poor Lizzie! She didn't get anything she wanted!!!

January came up fast and Lizzie forced herself to love Brad Sherwood. How did she do it? She had no idea. Why? because she knew he wasn't married and younger than Ryan. Ryan smoked and Lizzie knew that. But she didn't know about Brad until somebody told her. She couldn't take it anymore when she found out the truth. Plus he was engaged. She was so mad she cried!
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