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21 year old Absynthe Massey a.k.a. Remember, has been friends with her neighbor Cecelia Gilpatrick a.k.a. Eternity since before either of them could talk. Noah (last name unknown) Absynthe‘s biological father (or “the stupid mistake that led to a great thing” as Ailene Massey, Absynthe’s mother, likes to call him) was killed in a motorcycle accident before Absynthe was born , Absynthe’s stepfather, Rhys, has been her father since she was 15 months old and she never could have wanted a better one. Cecelia has never met her father either, a Russian immigrant, Alexei Zomolodchikova, who got deported back to Russia before Isla Gilpatrick (Cecelia’s mother) even knew she was pregnant. Absynthe and Cecelia knew these stories of their fathers, had grown up with and accepted them. Stryder Armstrong hasn’t been back to Apple Hills for 22 years after being run out of town by Ailene Sullivan’s (Massey) enraged father. Now a father himself, (or trying to be), Stryder returns to town after his 10 year old son’s mother leaves them to sell jewelry in the marketplaces of Morrocco. Absynthe and Cecelia barely notice this newcomer, but they do notice the sudden and drastic changes in their mothers, and when several other family members and friends comment on Stryder’s resemblance to BOTH Absynthe and Cecelia, they start to questions the stories that they have always been told and why their mothers felt the need to lie.

Aubrey Chandler was made to be a mother, even though she was 20 and unmarried, the birth of her daughter, Lotus, was the happiest day of her life. Now, 16 months later, Aubrey has a good job that allows her plenty of time to spend with Lotus, and allows her to go to college to receive her bachelor’s degree in creative writing, something that she has wanted to do her entire life. Despite the brief moments (everyday) when she misses Lotus’ father so much that she can physically feel it, Aubrey’s life is going pretty good, until….
Duncan MacCallum knew he broke Aubrey’s heart when he left Apple Hills, but she was just supposed to be a good lay, he wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her, so he left and has regretted it every day since. His parents are always so vague when they talk to him on the phone but he doesn’t worry until his mom calls to tell him that his sister has been in a car accident and is now in a coma. Now Duncan rushes back home (duh) to comfort his mother and be by his sisters side when she wakes up. Duncan successfully avoids the Chandler family and anyone to do with it for two weeks, until…..
2 o’clock in the morning Aubrey and Lotus make a fateful trip to the grocery store (Lotus won’t sleep and Aubrey has the munchies). 2:03 a.m., Duncan can’t sleep either and he is getting stir crazy so he decides to go to Wal-Mart to play with the toys, he figures there is no chance of seeing a single Chandler at Wal-Mart at 2 o’clock in the morning. But he does see a little blonde haired, blue eyed little girl running through the aisles. Followed closely by her mother…….oh crap

Pallas Cameron grew up with the children of the stars, well technically she was one herself. Coming from a line of actors, grandfather actor Ian Barlow, grandmother (daughter of actor Paul Winston) Juliette Winston, her parents are Hollywood’s longest married couple, Chloe Barlow and Zacchaeus Cameron. The other Cameron girls, 24 year old Eden, 21 year old Paycen (Pallas’ identical twin) and 18 year old Cypher, are following closely in their forefathers footsteps. Pallas and her 15 year old sister Henna, however, have no desire (or talent) to be in the Hollywood limelight so they keep out of it as much as they can (but they are Hollywood’s favorite family, so it’s kinda tough). When 18 year old Cypher announces her pregnancy by fellow actor, 23 year old Tyler Morrison, Hollywood and the Cameron family are shocked, when she announces that it was the result of a rape the Cameron family rallies around her, however, Hollywood smears her name across the tabloids, and this favorite royal family’s reign is threatened to end. Pallas leaves her cozy and sometimes paparazzi free home in Washington state, to come back to the bright lights of her family’s kingdom and defend her sisters reputation to the toughest critics there are, the average American public.

Hazel Nichols is 21 when she goes for a drive with her best friend Larkin O’Shea and she is 22 when she wakes in the hospital room three weeks later. She is surrounded by strangers, an older middle aged man, a beautiful teenage girl, a middle age woman who is in serious need of a shower, a young woman covered in cuts and wearing a cast on her arm, and finally a very good looking twenty something man, whom everyone else refuses to talk to. Hazel eventually learns everyone’s name and their relationship with her (father, little sister, mother, best friend and ex boyfriend) and why she is lying in this bed. But during late night conversations with all these people, Hazel also learns things that she doesn’t want to know, secrets about her family that she does not want to remember, and the reason why she was speeding away from town with Larkin on the night of her crash.
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