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by embe
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A journey of love and caring in a family
Sunday afternoon
She sits and stares
At memories so bare;

Come on Mom
Day is done
Let me help you up the stairs

No, Son
I need the sun
To take away my cares,

But Mom
Time has gone
Soon it will be cold out here,

I know
But I do not care
Why is my memory so bare?

You’re getting on
It happens to everyone,

Then, Son
I’ll rather be buried
Than sitting here,

No, my darling Mom
That isn’t how it’s done
I’m here to tell you how much we care;

When you were young
The pretty girl in town
Daddy met you at the fair
Your wedding photos
Are in the draw upstairs
Shall I bring them down?

O’ my precious child
Yes’ then I can see
Why I miss him so
Will you call
And ask him
To come and sit with me,

Then he can tell me a story
Of when our children
Were two and three;

Mom, Dads gone
A year today
But he's waiting for you
There, up by the apple tree
Where memories are free
And you no longer have to look after me:

My Mother at eighty three
Passed away two weeks later
With a smile on her face,
The grand old Lady
That never stopped loving her family.

Rest in peace-Mom
The photos and your ashes are in the hall.
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