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Prose about the mermaid Princess of the ocean.
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Princess of the Ocean.
Goddess of the Sea.
A beautiful mermaid-
splashes with her dolphin friends.

A lighthouse beacon shines across the water.
The mermaid laughs and hides in the water.
The whales are swimming in
and they greet her with their beautiful sounds.

The tidal waves come in-
as the Mermaid Princess swims to shore.
From the tides she escapes-
back into her ocean haven just in time.

Sailors see her in the day and at night.
They can't believe that she is for real!
The mermaid sings them a beautiful
song but it is one of comfort.

The mermaid swims with her-
mermaid friends.
Most of the time she is alone-
with just her dolphins for company.

Princess of the Ocean.
Goddess of the Sea.
Loves being a mermaid-
The illusion of fantasy!

Serena, the Mermaid Goddess has been in my Princess and Queen series. She has been a friend to generations of Princesses and Queens. She has lived for centuries and will be around for quite a few more. She has beautiful long blonde hair which looks brown at times. She is brave and has several mermaid friends who have saved sailors from death. They are not sirens. Sirens are the ones who cause sailors to die from their beautiful, haunting melodies. They are evil. Serena is Goddess of the mermaids and human men fall in love with her. She is the daughter of Titian. He was the King of the Ocean but after his death, siren became the Mermaid Goddess.

Serena loves the ocean and baby whales and dolphins. Nessie, the Lochness Monster is her best friend and she swims to Scotland to visit her and her baby. Serena lives in a cave in England but travels all over. She loves to drink tea and help all humans in need. They are her friends, all the kind humans. She loves her sister mermaids. She does love a merman named Macane and they will soon be wed. He loves her and they will rule over the ocean and keep the sea and all sea creatures safe.

If you see a woman in the ocean at night, she will have a big, long, blue tail but don't be afraid. It is just Serena, the Mermaid Goddess. If you are lucky to see her, she will make your dreams come true.
Beautiful Mermaid and dolphin Poser by Angel.
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