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A Nightmare Writing Experience
                                        Writing Experience

    It all started late one evening when I was at work. I was standing on a platform beside a conveyor belt picking up peices of tread  (an 80 inch long piece of rubber that the tire builder would use to build a tire with.) and throwing them onto a buggy.
A repetitious job that required no mental ability at all, just action. When throwing the rubber my mind would wander as I worked. Suddenly a word ran through my mind as I picked up a tread to throw it. As I reached to pick up another tread, another word ran through my mind. Every time I picked up a tread a new word ran through my mind.

    Words that were not connected in any way, just random words running through my mind. Improper words, proper words, informal words, formal words, words with no rhyme or reason were filling my head.
      My shift at work coming to an end, I walked to the company parking lot and got
into my car to go home. I put the key into the ignition and turned it to start my
car, I could still feel the words filling my head. As I listened to my favorite talk show
host on the radio I found I could not concentrate on what he was saying, the words
were still coming. I gave up and changed the station on the radio to a country music station all to no avail. The words kept comming. They were relentless.

    When I arrived home, I went in to take my normal shower. When I turned the water on, each drop of water seemed to turn into a word that seeped into the pores of my body as they struck it. There seemed to be no way to escape the torrent of words that was filling my head. By the time I got into bed there were so many words coming that I felt as if my brain were going to explode. As I lay in bed the words changed, they started coming together. The words started forming sentences that turned into paragraphs, that formed a story. The words screamed to be released. I rose from my bed and went into my study. Sitting in my chair I prepared to set the words free.

    To my horror, the words that had bugged me for so long had left me. Even now I
miss those words.
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