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by Teresa
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Laurie, a small town girl wants to find out what it's like to be a famous musician.
  Laurie lived in dewtown, a small town off the cost of Alaska. She always had dreamed of faraway places, and bigger, better things. She wanted to be a famous musician.
    When Laurie was in the fourth grade she decided to join band, not for the sake of her friends joining with her, but more or less for the joy of music. She mostly wanted to play the Clarinet.
    "Now Laurie, do you think you can handle this?" her mother had asked her after school one september.
    "Yes mom, I really want to do this!" she exclaimed, trying to convince her mother she wanted nothing more than this.
    "Well if I pay for this instrument you better stick with it." Her mother told her, becuase living in a small town made it hard to make a living. They were bareley affording their house.
    "I will mom, thank-you so much. I love you." she said rubbing her eyes and falling asleep.
    The weeks dragged on as laurie awaited the first day of band. When the day arrived she was so excited. She hurried up and got to school. When she entered the band room, something clicked. It was lovely. There was carpet on the floor, a baby grand piano in the farthest corner. A small shelf with school instruments strewn across it. And something she had been waiting to see. The podeum.
      She took her seat next to another girl named Nicole. She had dark brown hair, and green eyes. She was nice to Laurie, and they grew to be great friends.
      Laurie is Twenty-Eight, and is loving her job, as First Chair Clarinet in the New York ochestrial band.
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