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Unforgiven is a religious/spiritual beginning to what could become a short story.
Darkness flooded the streets, hiding the dead and rotting bodies from the prying eyes of children.  No one dared to look out their stained windows; no one dared utter a sound.  Those who left the sanctuary of the confines were instantly killed, burned on sight.  Not a single soul knew why they had been chosen by the ones who burned and tortured, the ones who froze.  Some called them demons, others called them a punishment from God, but in reality, they were neither, These were far worse then any demon.  They were the unforgivable, creatures who’ had fallen, even in Satan’s eyes.  They were like never ending flows of magma, and yet chilling cold at the same time.  They had escaped the bowels of hell, escaped to cause wrath upon all those who still lingered on the earth, or what was left of it.  The reason they escaped, no one knew, however, how they escaped still haunts even the darkest corners of hell.
         Satan was there, they say, laughing, poking at his retched refuse, these were the mistakes, children of demons and humans, children spawned from the most evil.  They were born with the coldness of the human heart, and the burning evil of the demons.  Accidents, humans and demons were never meant to mate, they were never supposed to breed.  Yet they had, only a few hundred times over the millennia, but it was enough,  super hybrids, the worst of both worlds.  Often the demon was the mother, and the father human, but in extremely rare instances there was a father demon and a human mother, less then one tenth of one percent ended up this way, but when it did happen, the mother always died, unable to carry the vial evil in her womb.  It was these motherless demons that became the unforgiven, loosed among humanity, bidding their time until their numbers were large enough to swarm, large enough to take hell and earth. 
         They took hell first, gathering the demons to them, calling them to kill their master, the devil was nothing compared to his children.  They freed the damned and cooled the burning, leaving dark burned creatures in their midst.  They called the cursed, the possessed, the power hungry, calling them to their ranks they built an army greater than any before.  A hunger burned in their black soulless eyes, eyes that could take your essence with one glance.
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