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How did the creation come into being? Is there any purpose?
The Creator created out of nothing
The sun, the moon and the stars infinite
In vain, He created not a thing
To all He assigned a purpose definite

Be it birds, animals or fishes
Or plants, trees or bushes
Of the Almighty they sing glory
But Alas! The state of man is so sorry

Animals he domesticated
Through mountains he paved
In aero planes he flew
Upon the Moon he laid his step

To him is the universe at feet
But Alas! Fails he to recognize his creator
Purpose of his existence he understands not
In search of mundane affairs his life drags

For a life of seventy odd years
And for worldly things he competes
Gold, silver, money he hoards in coffers
But Alas! To the Creator he goes pauper

Submission to His Will is the purpose
In scriptures this is prescribed
And as living models came the Prophets
In revelations of Him this is described

To worship Him is His will
No father He has nor mother
No son, no daughter, no intercessor
Worship Him alone
Approach Him direct by heart

Seek His forgiveness for He is merciful
To Him, no sin is too big to forgive
He requires not blood to forgive
Seek His forgiveness for He is merciful

Think not someone’s sacrifice wipes your sins
He is The Most Just, punishes not the innocent
With you are your sins if you seek not forgiveness
Paradise he grants to those who ask him direct

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