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Chapter Three: Consequences. After their first night Alice doesn't know what to do next.

center}  Chapter Three
Consequences   {/center}

The next morning the sun shone brightly on Alice’s face.  She slowly opened her eyes, careful not to let in too much light at one time.  She stretched out her arms, and one hit the wall behind her.  This startled her because the wall in her room wasn’t that close to her whenever she stretched as she did daily.  Her eyes then moved down to see that the covers were an ugly shade of yellow, which isn’t correct either.  The ones on her bed are a pretty shade of sky blue.  The last this that started her the most was the fact that she had no clothes on.  This wasn’t normal, because she always wore some type of pajamas to bed.  There was a drawer full of them in her dresser. 
When she looked back at the light she could see there was no sun, it was a lamp.  Alice could not recognize the room she was in.  She lifted her head a little bit to get a better look at her surroundings.  Nothing looked familiar in any way except that the closet door resembled a closet in her old study. 
“Good morning.” Someone whispered in her ear.  She turned around cautiously, and a little afraid to see who said that.  This made her jump again, because it wasn’t what she was expecting.  Jack.  “I think you won.” He laughed, without opening his eyes.  She turned to face him more, and then seen that he quickly fell back asleep. 
Alice then took this as an opportunity to get out of his room, and rush back into hers.  Her room was just as bright as his had been, although it was because of a window this time.  She then began frantically searching her room for her robe to wear, which turned out to be under a pile of clothes.  She then walked back out into the living room, then to the kitchen.  Here she stood, dumbfounded, then sat down at the nearest stool.  A person had popped into her head just then that made her feel even more like an idiot than before.  It was Ben.  What was she going to do about him? It didn’t seem right to tell him, and yet it did. 
There was only one solution to her problem: seek an outside source that has no idea how incredibly gorgeous Jack is, and barely knows Ben. 
This person was Dana.
Alice quickly searched for the phone in the living room.  Because it’s cordless, and she’s a bit careless she went to search for it by the couch first.  Only to realize that for once in her life the phone was on the receiver where it should be.  She stumbled over to the table it sat on and dialed the number.  While it rang, she looked up into the large mirror that was hung behind the phone and its neighboring plant.  Alice looked at her reflection, which was ecstatic, and yet beyond confused.  She didn’t look that much different from yesterday, which was good.  Kate had told her once that women look different after they’ve cheated on their spouse.  Alice isn’t married to Ben, and Kate has been known to tell some pretty farfetched stuff.
Dana took a while before answering the phone.  “Hello?” She sounded extremely tired, and Alice looked at the clock as she responded to see that it was barely eight o’clock in the morning.
“I’m sorry to wake you Dana, but this is an emergency.  I really need to talk to you.  Can you meet me at the café in a half hour?” Alice pleaded into the phone.  Dana wasn’t that reliable for appointments, but she also wasn’t reliable for remembering to blurt out every dirty piece of information that came her way.  This is what made Dana the perfect candidate for this occasion.
“Yeah I guess.  Is it even open now?”
“Uh yeah.  Dana it opens at six every morning.”
“Ugh, how do they live with themselves?”
Alice instead of answering, just replied with “are you going to meet me or not?”

It didn’t take Alice long to find better clothes, and change into them.  She took another long look at the clock to see that only five minutes have passed by.  She put her robe on over her clothes, and left her room to grab the grocery list from the kitchen.  Once she got there, Jack came slowly out of his room with only one item of clothing on.  As he came out, he seen Alice standing behind the counter, and smiled approvingly. 
“Good morning.” He said quietly.
Alice smiled back at him then looked back down at the empty counter.  The list she had made last night had disappeared.  She could then feel the blood rush to her face, and redden her cheeks.  She let her hair fall in front of her creating a wall between her blushing face, and Jack.  Even though she couldn’t see him, she could still sense that a smile had formed on his face.  She then was glad that the list went missing so she could have an excuse to avoid him.
“Looking for this?” Alice looked up at Jack instinctively, and seen that he was holding up the list she had spent the last fifteen minutes looking for.  She reached forward and grabbed it out of his hands.  Then she turned to go towards the front door.  “Where are you going so early?”
“I’m going to go see a friend.  She – uh, has a problem with her boyfriend.” Jack didn’t seem satisfied.  “Look,” she began, nervously not really knowing how she was going to say what she wanted.  Which was for them to get last night out of their heads.  “Do you think you could like, not tell anyone about…you know?”
“Last night? No.”
“Why not?” Her face dropped.  Now she was getting more anxious because if any of this caught on and got to Ben, she’s as good as dead, or at least single.
Alice looked hopelessly at the clock to see that she should have left for to see Dana five minutes ago.  “I have to go.  And, please at least put some clothes on.” Just then, the door knocked. “And hurry.” She then ran to the door, turned back once to make sure Jack was out of sight, which he was.
“Oh, hello.” Alice said, and put on a delayed smile.
“Hi.” Ben said, with confusion in his voice. He then looked past her, and in the apartment. Alice turned also to try to see what he was looking for, and if Jack had put something on.
“Are you looking for something?”
“No, I just thought…” Ben began, but then as he was about to leave Jack came out and into the kitchen. His attention quickly darted back in the apartment, and then he asked quietly, “who’s that guy?”
“Uh, that- that’s Jack. Jack, he’s my new roommate, I told you about him.”
Alice looked inside to make sure he wasn’t doing anything stupid, or embarrassing for her. To her surprise, he was coming toward them while wearing one of her robes.
“Hi. I’m Jack.” He reached his hand out to Ben.
“Jack, this is my boyfriend. Ben.” Alice looked back at Ben to see he was staring at Jack’s choice of apparel. “Oh good, you found my robe.”
“Yep.” He answered, and after another awkward silence, he said, “It’s okay. I’m gay.” It was actually convincing, and a good thing too, because Ben can be a little paranoid, might be the right word. In this case, any suspicious that might be made are probably right.
“Yes he is. Okay Ben, do you wanna go. I kind of have to meet Dana somewhere, and I’m already late.”

The two began walking down the street. Alice was walking a little too fast for Ben, but he tried to keep up. After two blocks of practically running, he told her he’d talk to her later when she was supposed to meet him at the restaurant. When he was out of sight she did run the rest of the way.

Dana was already there.  Alice was able to see platinum blonde hair lazily leaning against the window that was unmistakably her.  Once inside she could see the perfectly golden arms coming out from beneath the hair with a cup in hand.  She already had something to drink.  She looked very tired sitting against the glass wall.  Usually Dana was an overly hyper person, but that was in the afternoon, and it was now barely nine.  She hadn’t even got to really put on the light make-up she does.  Dana is the kind of person who’s already naturally pretty, and therefore doesn’t need a lot of make-up to make herself look better. 
Alice then hurried to the table in the café to sit across from her friend.  Alice barely got to sit down, or say hello before a cup was shoved in her face.
“Here.  I already got you something.” Dana said, sounding tired.  “Now, tell me what was so important, that I can’t sleep past eight o’clock in the morning.”
Just then her cell phone rang. She picked it up to see it was he house phone. “Hello?”
“Hey, I was just having some trouble working your blender.” It was Jack
“Your blender. It’s complicated.”
“I just left, and you’re already calling me about a blender?” Alice looked across the table to see Dana now more awake, and mouthing, “Is that him?” Which Alice nodded to in response. “Look, can’t you just wait till I get back, or find something else to eat?”
“I suppose.” He said, then just before she hung up the phone he said,  “Oh, and by the way. I’m not really gay.”
“Yeah, I kind of figured.” Then she really did hang up the phone before he could say something else.
Alice took a deep breath, and began her story of why they had to go to a restaurant/bar for dinner.  She left almost no detail out.  Almost, because there were some things she didn’t find that important, like what was on the television, how she saw Amos, or the type of drink she had.  Everything else was said as if it were happening right at that moment.  Well, at least until the drink started to take effect, and things got a bit blurry.  At this point she was trying to look guiltless by claiming that things got out of hand.  Eventually she stopped her story once they got in the apartment.
Dana was now fully awake.  Her mouth was opened in an “O” shape that was hard to remove.  Her eyes were wide in the same way.  It was only now that Alice doubted telling Dana this.  But was automatically reassured by her, “wow.”
“You aren’t going to say anything are you?” Alice asked.  Dana only shook her head. 
“So was it good?” Dana asked.
Alice was shocked at her question, mostly because it wasn’t like Dana to be like that.  She was always the quietest of the four, which is one reason why her and Kate don’t talk much. 
Dana smiled back at Alice knowing what her answer was.  They then sat with no words spoken.  Dana and Alice were like that though.  They’ve known each other since they were young, and have grown some sort of telepathic way of speaking.  Not literally, of course, but they can still speak without speaking.
When their coffee was finished, they both sat up, Dana still smiling at what they last said aloud.  “So what are you going to do?” Dana asked while they walked out of the café.  Alice just shrugged her shoulders.  “What are you going to do about Ben?” Alice let out a heavy sigh, and again shrugged her shoulders.  Dana thought about her next question carefully before speaking.  “Are going to leave Ben for the new guy, what’s his name, Jack?” Alice instead of shrugging, or sighing just said a final “No.”
The two kept walking down the street bright with sunlight, filling up slowly with people.  The time was going on ten o’clock, and more people were waking up.  Rhode Island was always the best place to be in the summer, to Alice.  She could feel the sun shining warmly on her face, evaporating her problems with its heat.  She breathed in slowly through her nose, and could smell the salty ocean air, her favorite smell in the world.  Dana followed behind her, not saying a word.  She too was busy feeling the sun’s rays, and taking in the ocean. 
Alice put her hands in her pockets without thinking as she continued her walk.  As she did, she felt the list she made the previous night.  The sun shied behind a cloud, and Alice pulled out the list.  Dana opened her eyes, and walked next to Alice to see what she was looking at.
“I just remembered I have to go to the store.  Wanna come with me?” Alice asked Dana. The sun came back out from the cloud, and lit up the town once more.
“Sure.” Dana said.  Then they turned themselves around to go to the nearest store.

Since Dana is such a nice friend, she even helped bring stuff back. Even though her real purpose was to see Jack, she still carried most of the bags. As the two entered the apartment, they found that it was empty. Alice couldn’t think of anywhere Jack might have gone, since he was new and all. Maybe, he’s taking a walk somewhere, she thought.
“You can set those down here, I’ll get the rest. Thanks a lot for helping.” Alice said as she continued to put groceries away. Just then Dana heard a door open. She looked over to see Alice’s bedroom door, and a tall man come out. Alice heard the door too and looked stopped what she was doing to see Jack come out of her room.
“What are you doing?” Alice said, now walking out from behind the counter. “You do know that that’s my room right?” He simply nodded, and smiled. “Then why- never mind, I don’t want to know. Anyways, Jack this is my friend Dana.” Alice said as she walked over to Dana. “Dana, this is Jack, my new roommate.”
“Hello,” Dana said with an overly friendly tone. So she got to sleep with this guy? Dana thought, lucky!
Dana’s reaction didn’t bother Alice though, she knew most women would probably respond to anything that guy has to say in that manner. She knew she might have if there wasn’t a boyfriend involved. Alice’s phone rang, making her jump. Dana and Jack didn’t seem to really notice. They were caught up in a conversation of their own. Alice reached into her pocket and pulled out her little cell phone. The screen said Ben was calling her.
“Hello?” Alice said into the phone.                                       
“Alice? It’s Ben, I was wondering if I could see you. Now would be great.”
“Well, I’m kind of in the middle of something. Did you wanna come over here?”
“No! No, it would be better if I met you somewhere private.”
“Okay, I guess I can get Jack or Dana to finish this for me. Where did you want to meet me?”
“Uh, in front of that café you like so much.”
Alice agreed, and then asked Jack, and Dana to finish putting things away.  It’s like I can’t relax around here, she thought.

Ben was already at the café when she got there. He was looking a little nervous, but she decided not to ask about it. He smiled at her when she was in his sight, and she waved back.
“Addison, I have to ask you something important. Do you wanna sit down?” Ben began, and led her over to a bench. “Okay, I’m just going to say this right out. Will you move in with me?”
At first she wasn’t sure what to say. She knew she didn’t want to, but didn’t want to be mean, or rude about it. “I don’t think so, Ben. It’s too soon. I don’t know you that well, and we’ve only been seeing each other for a month.”
Ben’s face fell, but he nodded his head anyways. “Okay. It was stupid of me to ask. I don’t usually do this.”
“It’s all right.” Alice said. Nothing more was said for a moment or two, perhaps out of embarrassment.
Finally Ben looked at his watch and said, “I better go. The only reason I asked was because of that guy you now live with. Since you won’t move in with me, can you get rid of him please?”
“What? No!” Alice said. She thought it was ridiculous that Ben would even ask her that. “He just got here, and I’m not kicking him out until I have a good reason.” At the moment she said her last words a good reason came into her head. The little incident of last night.
“Fine.” Ben said and walked off.
Alice sat at the table, unsure of what to do next. She didn’t want to go back home just yet. The thought of being with him just yet annoyed her. She instead got up from her table and ordered herself a drink. She went back to her table and looked out the window wishing she had a camera in her hands at the moment.
So many good pictures could be taken just from that window. Just then a picture she took before came to her followed by a poem. Because she didn’t want to lose it she grabbed a napkin nearby and found a pen on the windowsill. The picture was of Kate and her ex-boyfriend, Jack. They were sitting on a park bench. Kate had a coffee in her hands, and both of them were laughing about something. Jack was leaning slightly over Kate as they laughed. She printed it in a sepia tone. The poem she thought of went very nicely with the picture, and began writing:
Once there was a time I could be called happy.
Once there was a time when I could see the world in Colors
Now that I’ve seen more I know the world is not in Color
It is Black and White the good and evil.
When I met you I knew that couldn’t be true either
So now I’ve come to the answer
The world is a Sepia tone with the bronze and white, but there is  still color
Still good things to be happy about.

Alice looked at the poem once she was done, and thought, ‘needs a little work’. She finished her coffee, looked out the window and decided that she had stalled enough. She’d just face the consequence of her mistake. She stuffed the napkin in her pocket and put the pen back on the windowsill.
At home Jack was slaving over the oven. There was a flame shooting up towards his face as Alice walked through the door. She ran over behind the counter to where Jack was. She reached over him and turned the range off.
“What the hell are you doing? Trying to burn the apartment down?” Alice yelled, not meaning to though.
“I thought I’d help you with dinner. I had the whole thing under control. Now if you don’t mind,” Jack said turning everything back on, “I’m making dinner. You go in the living room or someplace and relax.”
Alice looked at Jack cautiously, to make sure he was serious. Then she slowly turned around and walked into the living room. She sat on the big comfy chair next to the window. Alice looked at Jack, making sure there isn’t any more fire. Then she looked out the window, and decided to walk out on the porch. She got up from her chair and opened the sliding door to the little porch that had a wonderful view of the street below. Alice left the door open so that she could hear if Jack needed anything. Next to the door there was a lounge chair, and Alice laid down on it. Because the sound of cars driving by, and all those other city sounds relax her, she closed her eyes not meaning to fall asleep, but did.
While Alice was asleep Jack continued to cook dinner. As he waited for it to be complete he even looked through the cupboards and drawers and found all the appropriate dinnerware, and set the table. He wasn’t too sure where she ate dinner since there was a table in what seemed to be a dining room, but he couldn’t remember seeing her use it. Every time someone came over they would sit at the counter. So he decided to take his chances and set everything up at the table in the dining room.
When it was all done and ready, Jack walked quietly to the porch, and walked over to the sleeping Alice. He bent over and poked her shoulder. He quietly said “Alice, wake up.” Over and over until she finally woke up with a “What?” Jack waited for her to stand up, then lead her into the dining room. As soon as Alice saw what he had done she was impressed immediately.
“You did all this?” She asked in disbelief. “All by yourself? You didn’t have any little elves or something come over while I was sleeping?” Jack shook his head and pulled out a chair for Alice to sit down. “Wow. I’m impressed.”
“I thought you would be. I could see how busy you were today, and I didn’t want you to have to also worry about making dinner.” They ate a little, and Jack received another compliment on cooking. “Thanks. I also wasn’t sure where you ate dinner, so I chose the table.”
The rest of the night went much smoother than the previous one. It was so good, that the whole time Alice had forgotten it had happened.
Once dinner was done with, Alice thanked Jack, and went into the living room to find a movie to watch as she did most nights after dinner. Jack came and sat down next to her on the couch. Alice had the remote and flipped through the channels one by one until she found one that she had watched before and liked a lot. It was called “Unmistakable”.
“You don’t have to watch this if you don’t want to.” Alice told him realizing that Jack might not want to watch a romance movie. What straight guy would?
“No, it’s okay. What is it about?” He asked.
“Oh, it’s a typical romance. You know, guy meets girl, guy likes girl, guy gets girl. Except in this one the girl has a boyfriend already, but they fall in love anyway. Typical, and pathetic I know, but I absolutely love them.” Alice explained.
“They’re okay. I’ll watch it with you. I’ve got nothing better to do anyways.”
“Are you sure? Because you really don’t have to.”
“No, it’s fine. And maybe tomorrow night we can watch one of my movies.” He said then laughed, which made Alice wonder what kind of movie he had in mind.
So there they sat watching the movie. By the end of the movie Alice had tears streaming down her face. Jack, on the other hand was sound asleep on the couch next to her. He barely made it to the end before being bored because of the lack of action sequences, and language. Alice, of course, didn’t mind or take offense to his dislike for the movie because it meant that he didn’t get to see her get all teary-eyed. Alice sat knees pulled up to her body on one end while Jack laid down the whole width of the couch. His legs in front of Alice. After the credits ended, she turned off the television and left him there for the night. As she stood up to leave she looked down once more and realized how gorgeous he looks while sleeping. ‘How did I get to be so lucky to be living with a guy like that?’ Then walked into her room, changed into pajamas and fell sound asleep.

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