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Five teenagers are stuck in the middle of the night. An odd man gives them a place to stay

Darkness Awaits

Version Five

Scene One

(No audible sounds can be heard. MUR is much younger, in current boys’ room, there is a sick child, and in the girls’ room there is a sick woman. MUR walks over to both people. He then leaves to cry. A doctor comes out tells MUR something then MUR slams fist down. Leaves the room. Show present MUR again. Go back to pat MUR. There’s sound again. There’s a knock on the door.)

MUR: Leave me be. (Another knock) I said, (more angry) leave me be! (Runs over to door, and kills his maid off camera) Stupid woman! (Pause, then screams can be heard)

MAID #2: Oh my god, what happened?!

(Goes back to present MUR. Looks like he’s in despair, longing to do something that makes him feel better. Fighting back urges. Go back to the past.)

MAID #2: (Tense, unsure) Sir, what has happened to you?

MUR: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

MAID #2: You’re not the same anymore. (Relaxing, and stepping closer) I know the death (showing MUR looking like he might cry, fists clenched. Standing very tall) of your family has been hard. It’s been like that for all of us all.

(Shot fades black then fades back in to the second opening scene)

Scene Two

(Begins with opening credits.  [Music] is played in the background.  Music starts when the shot shows the inside of the car. Stops when the car stops.  It is nighttime. In the car there are five characters. Driving: CRYSTAL METH, passenger: STU PID, from behind driver: JUSTIN TIME, NEVE ERDI, CANDY CANE.)

CRYSTAL: (quietly) Isn’t it nice out here. Much better than where we have been.

STU: (looking out window) No. (Now facing CRYSTAL) I’m freezing. Back where we were wasn’t cold. (After a little pause) Aren’t you cold?

CRYSTAL: Not really.

STU: Plus, we’ve been driving through nothing for at least twelve hours.

CRYSTAL: It hasn’t been that long. (Matter-of-factly) It’s been ten.

STU: Still, its too long.

CRYSTAL: We’re almost there.

STU: To you “almost there” is three hours.

CRYSTAL: No, it just means that we’re getting close, -er.

STU: (louder) You’re so dumb!

CRYSTAL: Shh! Don’t talk so loud, they’re all sleeping back there.

STU: I’m not.

JUSTIN: (from the back) Yeah me neither.

CRYSTAL: I didn’t know you were still up.

JUSTIN: (facing CRYSTAL) I’ve been up the whole time.

STU: You’ve been really quite then.

JUSTIN: (facing STU) Yeah, so?

NEVE: (pushing JUSTIN back, then coming up from back) I wish I were sleeping, but with you guys constantly talking, I’m surprised Candy can. (Thinking, then as if jealous) Then again, she can sleep through almost anything. (Sits back and looks down)

CRYSTAL: Sorry, I didn’t think we were that loud.

(A pause. CRYSTAL concentrates on driving again. STU looks out window. JUSTIN and NEVE begin to fall asleep. Then STU turns back to CRYSTAL to speak.)

STU: You wanna know what my favorite movie is?

CRYSTAL: (facing STU then turning back) No, not really.

STU: It’s my favorite movie.

CRYSTAL: What? What is?

STU: It is.

CRYSTAL: No really. What is your favorite movie?

STU: It is! It is my favorite movie.

CRYSTAL: What is it?

STU: You don’t know what It is?

CRYSTAL: No! You haven’t told me yet.

STU: Yes I have.

CRYSTAL: What then?

STU: It.

CRYSTAL: You keep saying that. What is it?

STU: You know, that movie with the clown?

CRYSTAL:  Killer Clowns from Outer Space?

STU: No, IT. Stop being complicated.

CRYSTAL: You’re being complicated. Stop telling me you like it, and tell me what it is.

STU: It is the movie.

CRYSTAL: Oh. Why didn’t you say that before?

STU: I did.

NEVE: Can you guys shut up?

STU: Why?

JUSTIN: Because unlike you, we’re trying to sleep. Oh, and you’d better concentrate on driving, Crystal. You could hit a country animal or something.

CRYSTAL: That’s ridiculous; I haven’t even seen any so far.

NEVE: (to JUSTIN) Well, actually, Candy’s the only one who really sleeping. You were listening to music.

(Camera moves to face the backseat to see JUSTIN listening to music.)


(CANDY is seen sleeping next to him NEVE is unsatisfied and back in her seat. Camera then moves back to face CRYSTAL and STU)

STU: (impatiently) How much longer ‘til we’re home?

CRYSTAL: A couple more hours, without stops. And since you guys are so impatient, I’m thinking I won’t.

STU: (glancing over) You’d better because you’re running very low on gas.

(Camera shot to show fuel gage almost empty.)

CRYSTAL: We’ll be fine for now. (Car slowing down then stops) Or not.

JUSTIN: You hit a country animal, didn’t you?

NEVE: (coming back up) What happened? Where are we?

CRYSTAL: Quiet. Stay here. (Exits car. Rest watch)

NEVE: What is she doing?

STU: How should I know?

JUSTIN: (taking out headphones) Where are we?

NEVE: Something happened, and Crystal left. (Begins to look out window)

JUSTIN: (To NEVE) Where is she, do you see her?

(NEVE shakes her head, and seems preoccupied. CRYSTAL comes back)

CRYSTAL: Do you guys mind sleeping here for the rest of the night?

STU: What?! What’s wrong with the car?

CRYSTAL: We kind of ran out of gas.

STU: (loud) Ran out of gas?

(The next three lines are at the same time, but none overpower the others.)

STU: How could you let that happen?

NEVE: It’s too cold out here.

CRYSTAL: (to self, quieter) I knew I should have stopped at that last gas station.

NEVE: (looking out window) Is that what I think it is?

(CRYSTAL and STU look in her direction. JUSTIN remains looking ahead. CANDY is still sleeping.)

CRYSTAL: A gas station?

STU: A town?

JUSTIN: (sarcastically) A hotel? (Now looks unimpressed out the window)

NEVE: No, a house!

CRYSTAL: Wow, you’re right. (Gets out of car)

NEVE: You say that as if I’m usually wrong.

(STU opens his door, and NEVE follows waking CANDY. JUSTIN tries to unbuckle seat belt in background)

CANDY: Are we there yet?

NEVE: Not exactly. Get out of the car, you’ll see.

(Both exit out of same door. All except JUSTIN stand in front of car looking at house.)

STU: Do you think they’ll mind us bothering them at this time?

CRYSTAL: You can go over there and ask.

STU: I’ll ask if you come with me.

CANDY: It looks weird.

NEVE: Would you rather sleep out here?

CANDY: No b-

NEVE: That’s what I thought.

Scene Three

(Camera in front of house to show the four walking up cautiously)

STU: (looking around) Where’s Justin?

JUSTIN: (running up from car) Right here! (Shot changes to him walking to house) I got stuck in the car.

(They all give him strange looks. STU faces door, and rings bell. A few moments pass and it is swung open. MUR is standing there annoyed)

MUR: (after a moment) Yes? What do you want?

STU: I’m very sorry if we’ve waken you but-

MUR: Waken me? (Laughs mockingly) You most certainly have not woken me, my boy. I haven’t gone to sleep in two days.

STU: Oh-

MUR: Now, to whom do I have the displeasure to speak to?

(Camera shows each character as they are introduced.)

STU: Uh, oh. I’m Stu, Stu Pid. This is Crystal Meth, Justin Time, Neve Erdi, and my cousin, Candy Cane.

MUR: Right. And do any of you have the slightest indication of the current time?

JUSTIN: (Eagerly) Oh, I do! (Fumbling) Uh, um… It’s twelve twenty four!

MUR: Now it is. Isn’t that a bit late for you all to out? Mommy and Daddy won’t miss you?

CRYSTAL: We were on our way home.

MUR: So what is it you want from me?

STU: Our car is out of gas down the street, and we-

MUR: I have no phone, and there is no service if anyone of you had a cell phone. (CRYSTAL pulls out a cell phone in the background) So I assume then, you would like me to open my arms to you, and let you stay here for the night. (Pauses, and looks at each person) Are my assumptions correct?

STU: If it’s not asking too much, sir.

MUR: It is. I am in the middle of something very important, and have no time for pestering children with vehicle problems. It won’t be too long until the nearest station is open, you can surely wait ‘til then. (MUR closes door; all face each other)

CANDY: What a jerk.

NEVE: (mostly to CRYSTAL) Now what do we do?

STU: We could do what the guy said and wait.

CRYSTAL: When is the gas station open? Where is it?

JUSTIN: Maybe one of us should ask him.

CANDY: I don’t like him. I think we should just leave him alone.

JUSTIN: We need to know where the gas station is, (pause, enlightened) I’ll ask! (Walks up to door again. Door opens before he can knock)

MUR:  (confused. Then speaks) I have decided to let you unfortunate souls stay for the night. (Turning to go back in house, then facing children) Oh, and by the way, you can call me Mur.

All: (at separate times) Thank you.

MUR: I might not have enough beds for you all. I trust you have something like blankets, sleeping bags from your trip?

CRYSTAL: Yes, we do. We’ll be back with those.

(Five go back to car.)

CANDY: Do we really have to do this?

CRYSTAL: What’s wrong?

CANDY: He seems kind of weird.

CRYSTAL: Relax. We’ll be out of here by tomorrow morning.

(Reentering the house. MUR is waiting in the living room)

MUR: Welcome to my humble dwelling.

CANDY: Stu, can I talk to you for a minute?

STU: Sure what’s wrong?

CANDY: (quietly) What’s wrong? What’s wrong is that guy! He’s really creepy. Just like the house he lives in.

STU: Mur? He seems all right to me. Don’t worry so much.

CANDY: Okay, I’ll try to relax. But if anything goes wrong we’re gone right?

STU: (rolling eyes) Fine!

JUSTIN: Everything okay?

STU: Yeah Candy was just being paranoid.

CANDY: (offended) Am not!

STU: Okay then.

JUSTIN: Paranoid, about what?

NEVE: What’s going on? Mur’s getting to think we’re thinking about leaving.

STU: No, we’re staying.

CRYSTAL: So Mur, where should we set our stuff down?

MUR: Follow me. (Begins walking up stairs) This way.

NEVE: (on stairs) How old is your house?

MUR: Oh, around three hundred (shot change to NEVE mouthing in awe “a hundred years” then back to MUR) years old.

CRYSTAL: (to NEVE) That’s old!

(NEVE nods. Reach the top of stairs. MUR waits until they’re all there)

MUR: Girls, you will be in this room (pointing) for tonight. (Girls exit) Boys, you can stay in this room. Normally, my servants (girls reenter) would attend you, but (show CANDY growing horrified. MUR finishes slowly) have gone (Show MUR) away, so I will greet you tomorrow with breakfast. Sleep well. (Girls exit again)

JUSTIN: Excuse me, Mur? (MUR stops and turns around)

MUR: Yes?

JUSTIN: Do you know where your bathroom is?

MUR: (offended) Of course I know where my bathroom is! (Quieter) I am not a fool.

JUSTIN: Right, but could you tell me where it is?

MUR: Oh yes, down the hall (pointing) third one on the left.

JUSTIN: Thanks! (Runs) Shoot!

STU: (laughing to himself) Retard.

MUR: (confused) What’s wrong with that kid?

STU: No one knows.

(All go into the rooms that MUR has picked out.)

Scene Four

(In the girls’ room)

CANDY: This room isn’t very big is it?

CRYSTAL: There’s only one bed here. Someone’s going to have to sleep on the floor.

NEVE: I’m not. (Both look at CANDY)

CANDY: I don’t want to.

CRYSTAL: I have been driving all day; I deserve a (sitting down) comfortable bed.

NEVE: That’s true. (Pause) Okay, fine I will.

CANDY: I’ll sleep down here then. Ew.
NEVE: What’s wrong?

CANDY: It’s weird here. I hate it.

CRYSTAL: I’m going to sleep now, so shut up!

NEVE: All right. Good night.

CANDY: Can’t we just leave this place?

NEVE: No Candy. Why do you think we stopped here? To be friendly?

CANDY: No. I don’t know.

NEVE: We’re here because the car won’t run. There’s no gas.

CANDY: Oh, I didn’t know.

NEVE: Well, now you do.

CRYSTAL: Could you guys keep it down, I’m really tired.

CANDY: Sorry.

NEVE: Sorry.

NEVE: Get this stupid idea out of your head Candy we’re not leaving.

CANDY: If I die, I’m blaming it all on you.

NEVE: And how do you intend to do that if you’re dead?

CANDY: You’ll remember what I said and know.

NEVE: Whatever.

(In the boy’s room, show STU and JUSTIN)

JUSTIN: What did Candy say to you earlier?

STU: She wants to leave.


STU: I don’t know. She’s paranoid.

JUSTIN: Stupid girl.

STU: I know. She’ll get over it.

JUSTIN: Yeah. (Pauses) Do you like this house?

STU: It’s okay.

JUSTIN: It’s kind of creepy.

STU: Stop, your starting to sound like Candy!

JUSTIN: It’s a compliment. I like it. It reminds me of a haunted house.

STU: (looking around) Not this room, maybe the other parts.

JUSTIN: (under breath) Don’t be stupid.

STU: Are you making fun of me?


STU: Yes you were. You just called me stupid.

JUSTIN: That’s your name isn’t it?

STU: Yeah, but you meant it as in I’m dumb or retarded.


STU:  I’m a bit smarter than you. And I’m always on time.

JUSTIN: What are you talking about?

STU: Your name is just in time. And yet you’re late to everything.

JUSTIN: No I’m not!

STU: The bathroom (laughing a little) a few minutes ago, getting to the house, leaving for this trip, school.  Do you want me to go on?

JUSTIN: (while he talks) So. No. That was one time! No. No.

(Middle of the night, back in the Girls’ room. We can see light from in the loft. NEVE shines it on the speaker when they say their lines)

NEVE: Crystal, wake up.

CRYSTAL: (tiredly) Why? What time is it?

NEVE: I don’t know, but I just wrote a poem. I want you to hear it, okay?

NEVE: Okay, here it is:
Darkness awaits in this humble abode.
If I stay here any longer, I’ll slit my throat
I cannot remain here with just paper and pen
I’ll take my pen and do some self-damage again
I’d much rather die than live in this nightmare
Oh, please let my soul escape to the air
Sadness and misery are my only two friends
If only I could –

CANDY: Neve, what are you talking about?

NEVE: Did you like it? Crystal?

CRYSTAL: Yup, it’s really good.

CANDY: Go back to sleep Neve.

Scene Five

(MUR is standing over CANDY with a tray of food; she screams)

CANDY: What are you doing?

MUR: (lifting tray) Breakfast.

NEVE: (waking up) What’s going on?

CANDY: Mur made breakfast.

NEVE: Oh cool. Crystal, wake up.


NEVE: (pointing) Breakfast in bed!

CRYSTAL: Huh? (Looking) Oh, thanks.

MUR: (smiling) Your welcome. I’ve got to go feed the rest of your friends now. (Leaves)

(NEVE and CRYSTAL begin eating; CANDY looks horrified)

CANDY: How can you eat that?

CRYSTAL: What? This? Easy. It’s good. Try some.

CANDY: What if he poisoned it?


NEVE: Candy, give it up!


CRYSTAL: What are you talking about?

NEVE: Candy thinks Mur wants to kill us.

CANDY: He does.

CRYSTAL: That’s ridiculous. If he planned on doing that, then why would he be so nice to us?

CANDY: Maybe he’s a cannibal.

NEVE: (finishing food) I’m done. (Gets up) I’m going to see if Stu and survived the night. (leaves room)

CRYSTAL: Wait for me! (Brings food)

CANDY: (gets up too) Me too!

(In boys’ room)

STU: This is good food.

JUSTIN: Yeah it is. (Sees girls come in) Hi guys. Did you get food too?

CRYSTAL: Yup (holding up hers)

STU: So how did you sleep?

NEVE: Well after Candy stopped talking.

CANDY: You guys are so mean!

NEVE: You’re the one that thinks he’s a cannibal.


STU: Where do you come up with this stuff?

CANDY: I was kidding.


STU: (finishing) I’m going downstairs.

(All follow; CANDY last)

MUR: Good morning sunshines!

STU: Good morning, I think we can go now, and finally leave you alone.

MUR: What did you say was wrong with your car?

CRYSTAL: We ran out of gas.

MUR: Oh. There’s a gas station down the road a mile or two.

CRYSTAL: Is it open now?

MUR: (looking at clock) Well I would imagine it would be.

CRYSTAL: Okay, I’ll be back you guys.

MUR: Bye. (In dining room) So how old are you kids anyway? You look a little young to be out on your own. (Drinks)

STU: We’re not that young. I'm 17.

JUSTIN: I’m 17.

STU: And they’re 14 and 16.

MUR: Oh, and what about the girl that just left?

STU: Crystal? 17.

MUR: So young. What are you doing out this far anyway? Probably very far from where your supposed to be. Lost?

STU: No. It was Neve’s idea to take a longer route.

MUR: (looking at NEVE) Oh.

JUSTIN: (after a long pause) S-So how old are you?

MUR: (surprised) Me? I’m 53 years old.

JUSTIN: Wow, that’s old!

NEVE: Justin!

MUR: It’s all right. Age is something one cannot conceal.

STU: We better go get our stuff for when Crystal comes back.

NEVE: Yeah.

(All get up; STU goes over to NEVE)

STU: Can you get Crystal’s things?

NEVE: Yeah sure.

(In the girl’s room)

CANDY: We’re finally leaving!

NEVE: Yeah now you can stop complaining.

JUSTIN: (bringing things down) Mur where’s the bathroom on this floor?

MUR: It’s behind you, the only door on the right.

JUSTIN: Thanks. (Runs) Shoot! (MUR rolls eyes)

MUR: What a strange boy!

(Much time passes; four are seen sitting in living room; CANDY is looking out the window)

CANDY: Hey, I see her! Crystal’s back!

(STU gets up, and the rest follow. CRYSTAL enters the house.)

CRYSTAL: Hi. Wow, you’re already packed.

MUR: (coming in) Do you all want some lunch before you leave?

JUSTIN: (quickly) Sure! (Entering room)

(The others go back in dining room; MUR stays behind; shows dining room, MUR comes in late; food is already there)

STU: Thanks for letting us stay.

CRYSTAL:  It was very nice of you.

MUR: No problem. It has been my great pleasure, (A few minutes later Finishes eating) if you’ll excuse me. (Gets up and goes to kitchen)

CANDY: Stu, can we leave now? (To STU)

STU: Ask Crystal not me.

CANDY: But then I’ll have to talk louder.

STU: So what?

CANDY: (little girlish) Can you ask for me?

STU: Fine. (Bends over to CRYSTAL) Someone wants to know if we can leave now.

CRYSTAL: (Leaning back over) Well, I think that someone can wait a few more minutes. (Sitting straight again. Louder) Candy, I’m still eating. Relax; we’ll be gone soon enough.

CANDY: (pouts) Okay. (Gets up to leave) I forgot something in the room upstairs.

JUSTIN: (creepily) Come back soon…

CANDY: Shut up.

CRYSTAL: Justin, don’t be so mean.

JUSTIN: I’m not.

CRYSTAL: The poor girl is scared out of her mind.

NEVE: Yeah Justin you should have heard her last night.

STU: What? More whining?

Crystal: Only enough to keep me from sleeping (smiling).

Scene Six

CANDY: (to self) Stupid. Why can’t they just believe one thing I say?

MUR: (creepily) Candy Cane…

CANDY: Who said that? (Steps off bed)

MUR: (under bed; grabs her leg and pulls her off she screams quick but hits the floor) It’s Mur Der! (Cover her mouth and comes out from under bed)  Shh! Don’t move. (With other hand, pulls out a candy cane) Watch this. (CANDY terrified does as told) Watch! (Breaks cane, and laughs insanely as CANDY cries) you just knew too much! (Shot ends)

(CANDY, CRYSTAL, NEVE, and STU are in the living room. STU is sitting in the blue chair closest to the entrance. NEVE and JUSTIN are on the couch with NEVE is on the side. CRYSTAL is standing up by the glass table.)

CRYSTAL: What is taking her so long?

STU: Someone should go check on her. See if she hasn’t jumped out the window. (STU and JUSTIN begin laughing, with CRYSTAL then NEVE joining after a few seconds.)

NEVE: I’ll do it. (Gets up, and camera follows her up stairs) Candy? Are you ready yet? (Reaching the top of the stairs) What is taking – (Sees CANDY’s body. Screams)

MUR: Hello, Neve?

NEVE: What- How? - Did you?

MUR: Sadly, yes almost as sad as yourself.

NEVE: What?

MUR: I heard that little poem of yours. What was it, “Darkness awaits in this humble abode. If I stay here any longer, I might slit my throat…” Well, I can give you that. Only, I’ll do the slitting, not you.

NEVE: Don’t kill me, I didn’t mean it.

MUR: Oh, I am so sorry. (Takes knife, and kills NEVE off camera)

(Shot ends there. Goes back to the group in the living room. CRYSTAL has taken NEVE’s place)

JUSTIN: What was that?

CRYSTAL: I’m not sure. (Standing up)

STU: (leaning over to see stairs) That was Neve!

(CRYSTAL walks over to see stairs. STU gets up and stands behind her.)

CRYSTAL: What’s going on up there?

(JUSTIN walks over too. ALL look up stairs, and see MUR come out of Green Room with a bloody knife. Then they quickly go into the hallway)

CRYSTAL: We have to get out of here.

JUSTIN: But what about Candy and Neve?

STU: (looking up towards stairs) I don’t think they’ll be (looking back at JUSTIN) coming with us.

JUSTIN: (looking back up at the stairs) Are you sure? (Looking back to see that everyone else left) Guys? Crap. (Begins walking in the kitchen. Sees a door, then runs to it) I found a way out! (Struggle with door a bit, then it opens. In the backroom while trying to open third door.)

MUR: Hello Justin.

JUSTIN: Ah! (Almost falling, but refrigerator “catches” him) How’d you know where I was?

MUR: I didn’t. I just knew one of you might have come in here, and that’s when I saw you struggling to open this door.


MUR: And now it’s your turn to know what Candy and Neve have already figured out.

JUSTIN: What are you talking about?

MUR: Oh, didn’t you know?

JUSTIN: Know what? What’s going on?

MUR: They are unfortunately deceased, much like yourself.

JUSTIN: But I’m not dead.

MUR: Not yet.

(Show CRYSTAL and STU in another part of the house
Shot goes back to JUSTIN and MUR in the backroom)

MUR: Stop moving you little nuisance! Just get it over with, and there won’t be any more pain.

JUSTIN: Just let me go, and I won’t have to worry about it.

MUR: That stupid boy was right you are late for everything!

JUSTIN: I am not!

MUR: I’m trying to kill you, and you were able to delay that.

JUSTIN: I hate you!

MUR: Good! (Stabs three times. JUSTIN falls to the ground. MUR leaves and finds CRYSTAL trying to open the door)

(Show CRYSTAL and STU running through hall back to the front door. STU tries to open it, but finds it is still locked. They both look up, and see MUR in the door, but not JUSTIN. CRYSTAL and STU run up the stairs with whoever is closer running first. They reach the top and go into the nearest room. STU leads CRYSTAL behind the door)

STU: Stay here. I’m going to find Justin, and an unlocked door.

CRYSTAL: Wait! I’m not – (looking to see that STU was gone. Goes back behind door and waits)

(Goes back to MUR and JUSTIN in the back room)

MUR: Stop moving you little nuisance! Just get it over with, and there won’t be any more pain.

JUSTIN: Just let me go, and I won’t have to worry about it.

MUR: That stupid boy was right you are late for everything!

JUSTIN: I am not!

MUR: I’m trying to kill you, and you were able to delay that.

JUSTIN: I hate you!

MUR: Good! (Stabs. JUSTIN falls to the ground. MUR leaves. Shot ends and starts with STU finding random doors and trying to open them. Then it goes to CRYSTAL still behind the door)

CRYSTAL: Oh this is ridiculous. (Starts to get out, but hears MUR coming up the stairs. She looks out and sees him, but he doesn’t see her. He’s looking down at his bloody hands. When he has passed, CRYSTAL runs out, and goes down the stairs. She runs into the kitchen, and sees the open back door, runs out it but first sees JUSTIN’s body. She has a look of disgust but still opens the door behind him and exits. Next shot is of STU running back to the front door. MUR comes down the stairs)

MUR: You won’t be able to open that no matter how hard you try. (Show STU turning around, then go back to MUR) At least not without the key. (He holds them up.)

STU: What is your problem? Why do you have to try to kill us?

MUR: I’m not trying to kill you, I am. The reason I kill people would be entirely too long to tell. And especially in this amount of time.

STU: (slowly) Okay.

(Take about three steps towards the living room and then MUR comes and lunges on STU. STU then fights back. He gets the knife in his hand, and begins pushing it back towards MUR. Finally it goes far enough that it stabs in the side. STU then pushed MUR to the ground, and steals the key. He runs back to the door and tries the keys the second one works and he opens the door. STU then runs to the car.)

STU: Hey! Wait!

(In the car is CRYSTAL. She reaches over and opens the door next to her. STU gets in, and CRYSTAL begins driving as he shuts the door. The next shot is of the car going away from the car. Then it is MUR standing in the doorway holding his side shaking his head, and then goes back in his house. End Credits roll as it is fading to black.)

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