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This is what I belive is a fascinating, enthralling wonder.
One of the most fascinating things I have ever witnessed in my life is the phenomenon of snow. I spent my childhood in India (at least until I was four years old). I’ve never witnessed snow before until my family moved to the United States of America. In India it is too hot to snow, and we got to America and everything was so different. Snow is a beautiful thing to witness, especially for a child for the first time.
My parents had watched the weather that day and informed me about this enigma named “snow.” Then, I was so excited; I dressed up, and ran out and waited inside at the patio door. I was waiting for this so called “snow” to drop. I then witnessed some fluffy, white substance falling from the sky. I then realized it was snow! I rushed out into the grass and rolled all around.
After it was over, I waited its next return. Snow was like an exhilaration of joy, when you first see it. It is so sparkly and glittering as it shines in the sun almost blindingly. I was so amazed at this. Now I think of all the people in India, Africa, South America, even Florida and Texas and other places where it’s too hot to snow, and how they’re missing out on the enjoyment of the wonderful snow. If only they could get the chance to see it once.
It is just amazing how something so small, can cover a whole field or state. It is hard to imagine how many snowflakes have dropped throughout the years. In this way, snow is still an enigma to all. Why would it not be? The fact that each individual snowflake is a different design is astonishing. Can you just imagine? There might have been over one quadrillion snowflakes dropped (possibly, it seems reasonable), and each one has it’s own design. That is just amazing to me. To this day, no one has understood the puzzle of snow. Is it possible to understand? We may never solve the quizzical enigma of snow and its mysteries. This all amazes me so much. Snow is such an amazing wonder. How can it not enlighten someone? This form of precipitation called snow is the most fascinating thing that I discovered as a child.
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