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Written by my wife, I think it is wonderful. I hope you will enjoy it, too.
The path is short, the path is long. Will I be weak, will I be strong?
How will I know what’s right, what’s wrong? How do I know where I belong?

And what I see, and what I hear;
Should I believe, or should I fear?

These questions circle round my head, and stir emotions of what I’ve read.
What should I think, what should I do?  How should I feel about me or you?

Oh, what is false, and what is true?

I’m all stirred up, my thoughts run riot. I cannot think, I cannot quiet.
I question every thought and act, uncomfortable, but can’t turn back.

And then my tears begin to fall, I settle and listen to the call.
There is no need for my control, shhh, quiet, listen to the soul.
The soul will tell you what to do, the soul is God, is love, is true.

There is no need for me to fear.  Enjoy the beauty while I’m here.
And as I learn the lesson love, as taught by God from up above,
I find the peace that lies within and then the healing can begin.

And as I share my lessons learned and learn from others in return,
I find that I am not alone, and that this circle of love has grown. 

As we encompass the world around with feelings of love, peace will abound.
Can you imagine the wonderful feeling of love and compassion, of caring and healing?
Would God look down from up above, and smile and say, they understand “Love”?

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