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by SueVN
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A woman leaves her abusive husband. Would that more would.
Author's note - Wrote this to the prompt of "No Regrets" for the Weekly Flash Fiction.  EXCEPT is was suppose to be for 18 and younger which it definitely is not. Really need to reall ALL the directions *Smile*  Would appreciate constructive comments anyway!

Penny watched the ceiling fan turn in the moonlight and listened to her husband snoring off a fifth of scotch.  She touched her face where a bruise was forming.  Tears welled in her eyes, and she let them run down her face without a sound.

The evening started so well.  They always did.  Scott got a bonus from his construction job.  They were ahead of schedule and the boss passed out $100 bills.  He called Penny from the O’Brian bar and told her to “doll herself up” and come down for the party. 

Penny was tempted to go, but reconsidered. The last party at O’Brian’s, Scott hit her on the way back from the bathroom and knocked her unconscious.  He told his buddies she passed out and dumped her in a booth.    The bartender wrapped her in a blanket at closing time and went home.

“I’m sorry honey.  I was so drunk, I thought you’d left on your own,” he confessed the next day. For three weeks, he did not touch a drop, and life came back to an even keel.  That was the last time, but not the only time.  Penny threatened to leave, but Scott said she would regret it. 

Tonight, he came home mad she had not come to O’Brian’s and pulled out the fifth of scotch.  “Just the one,” he said.

The more he drank, the madder he got, finally punishing her with a bunch to the face and belly before passing out in an attempted rape. 
She looked back at the bed.  “Not this time.  No regrets this time.” She closed the door behind her. 

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