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A nerd hulks out after wishing he were stronger
Xavier’s Changing

Ugh, what a day! First there was being late for the bus, which he never was. He always optimized his time, he always made it to the bus at the precise moment. The same precise moment at that. What time was unimportant. 7:04 A.M.
That wasn’t the worst of it, though. He’d never been late for school because he’d never been late for the bus. He was always at school on time, always on time for class, and always in time for his morning talks before school with Professor Fiddler. The man was upset this morning that he’d missed him, and almost had a fit in doing so.
No, not even when the mean quarterback of the Hippos showed up for a smashing in the prime of the day, lunchtime. Of course, Joey Fonda had always been a prick of a quarterback, and the buff jock had always been the one bashing him for being the straight A student. The young boy hated his forced date with the lockers… but Joey loved to set him up.
Even after all of this, he still didn’t have a great day. Nothing went right for him today: he spilled the chemicals in the lab, he dropped his books in the hallway, spilled water on his pants when he got a drink of water, and he also fell into mud coming off the bus home. He trudged up the stairs to his home, which he managed to stumble on up the way. He didn’t care though.
“Hey Mom…” Xavier said as he trudged up the stairs. He then stopped, “Mom?” He trudged back down the stairs, swinging around to the kitchen. The note on the fridge was all he needed to read with his cracked glasses, which had cracked from the fall off the bus. He read it.
“Gone for the weekend, sweetie. Be back on Monday.”
Xavier sighed and walked up the stairs again, tossing his book bag wherever he felt like it, instead of just placing it on the rack with the most excellent precision. He didn’t care today for anything, he was too depressed to continue onwards with his geeky attitude today. It was almost like Screech from that TV show he never watched. He was too busy watching X-Files, Star Trek, and of course, Brain-Masters, a new show on channel twenty-seven. The boy just trudged up to his room, slamming the door, not caring if nobody was there or not.
He tossed his muddy pants on his bed and began to cry. “Why!” he screamed out, his nasally congested voice sounding almost like nails on a chalkboard. “I hate the way I look! The way I sound! Why am I this way!?” he screamed at nobody in particular. Nobody would’ve heard him anyways.
On his dresser was a complete set of replica Star Trek characters, ranging from Scotty to Spock to Captain Kirk all in the best condition and pristine shape. He continued to cry on his bed, but then paused to think. What would Kirk do? Of course, Xavier knew that answer. Kirk wouldn’t cry. Kirk wouldn’t care if he got his suit muddy or his ass thrown in the garbage. Then again, Captain Kirk would just blast everyone with his lasers and get beamed back up to the Starship Enterprise. He angrily got up and smashed his hand on the wall, injuring himself and the Kirk figurine on his dresser shook a little, but didn’t move much.
“I’m too weak!” he screamed again, crying still. He began to hate everything about himself, wishing he were dead and contemplating his suicide. He was basing his facts, of course, on the past few months of torment he’d been going through. School was rough, even his A’s were starting to falter, but not drop below the highest class average. He had become sick once or twice and his social life had taken a turn for the worse. His only loyal friend, Benjamin, was starting to think he was slipping from society, dropping into a depressing state known only as an emo kid. He noticed that the slam into the wall had made his hand bruise up.
He went to the bathroom, upset that he’d hurt himself. He walked towards the bathroom slowly, almost in no hurry to get there. He eventually arrived there and opened the medicine cabinet up to get the bandages. Carelessly, he dropped the bandages and he had to reach down to get them. On the way up, he bumped his head, making a small gash in the back of it, just a small cut. He slowly pulled himself up, cursing and mumbling to himself angrily. He poured the alcohol on his cut on the back of his head and bandaged it. Man, that shit hurt, he thought to himself. Didn’t put too much alcohol on did I? That last thought was sarcastic, considering he’d overshot everything else all day. He never had an off-day, but for some reason he forgot to replace the batteries in his alarm clock, which died and didn’t go off. His mother had to wake him up that morning before she left, thus making him late for the bus, which then made him late everywhere else today.
Unfortunately, for him, he had. In a few quick moments, he began to feel dizzy. “Man… if I were stronger…. AAGH!” he screamed as the excess amounts of rubbing alcohol bled into his bloodstream and then towards his brain. He gripped his head hard, and began to tumble out of the room, shuffling around before he made it to the top of the staircase. He roared in pain. Wait, was his voice, deeper? He only briefly got to think that before he tripped over his shuffling feet and plummeted down the stairs, knocking himself unconscious.
When he awoke, he groaned loudly. “Shit… what the hell happened to me?” He mumbled in a gravelly-sounding voice. That must’ve meant he-
Oh, man! He ached all over! What the hell happened to him? He opened his eyes and looked around. He had broken a leg and sprained his wrist. He tried to stand up, he could still call the ambulance. He managed to get up and head down the hall when suddenly he stopped. He felt incredible! Powerful!
He looked at himself, staring down and saw that his broken foot was healed. Where the ankle bone was jutting out, it was set. His hand no longer hurt either. In fact, nothing hurt. He felt perfectly better. It only got better as a wave of euphoria crept over him. He brushed something aside and realized it was his hair. His hair was always short and parted on the right, very prim and proper. Now it was long and straight, some of it hanging down over his eyes! He brushed some of it aside and found that it was blonde. He smiled, but couldn’t help it. He had no idea what was going on.
“Shit man…” he mumbled, noticing for the first time that his voice was no longer nasally, but sexy and deep, inviting and preppy. “What the hell’s going on?” He suddenly began to think, this can’t be happening. I’ve seen this on too many television shows, how is it possible? These changes are just science fiction… my head must be in the clouds. I’m still unconscious. That’s it! Yeah, and soon I’ll-
He was suddenly distracted when he saw his vision blur in the lenses of his glasses. He took them off and realized that he could see again! Wow, he thought, it’s a sweet dream. That was when the pain began, and all his wonder went away.
His breathing became constricted and he started to pant, wanting to take his shirt off, but unable to because he knew he was too weak to do that. He tugged at it as it grew increasingly tight on him. His pecs started to grow off his chest and he began to see the healthy muscle for a chest. His shirt instantly ripped down the center of his chest, trying to make room as his chest grew. Underneath those new, jock pecs of his were slowly forming abs. A two-pack, four-pack, then a six-pack grew in and he began to see them cut deeply in his Star Trek shirt, which was growing tighter all the time and still ripping down the front and now barely containing his abs as well.
He then felt a sense of swelling in his upper arms as his biceps and triceps grew incredibly stronger and more muscular. His forearms followed suit and his hands grew to twice their previous size. His lats began to grow painfully outwards, his shoulder growing as well and pushing his arms apart a little bit and angling them a little as well.
His thighs and calves grew taut and more lean, then just flat out buff. His feet grew slightly larger, from a size nine to a size thirteen. He began to mumble, “Wow… what a rush.” he looked himself over, realizing that he was now taller as well. He had been short, even for his age of fifteen. Now he was no dwarf, but he had been four foot eleven inches tall. Of course, that was before his change. Now he was around seven and a half feet tall. He resembled, from a third person perspective, a very tall jock. Not over the top on muscle, but enough to make star quarterback.
He rushed upstairs, feeling much more energetic than before, and so much more than he used to. He was a god of a geek, almost a god of a jock. He was… super-geek! He looked at himself in the hall mirror and flexed his biceps. Perfect poses, no matter which pose he struck. Although, he noticed, his clothes couldn’t hold and slowly ripped to shreds. He quickly picked them up and tossed them out. He couldn’t believe it, he was like Joey now from the football tem. No, he wasn’t like Joey. He was better!
He quickly called his friend. “Roy, get over here, quick! I have something to show you!” He looked at his naked body, since no clothes in the house would fit his humongous body size. “You’ll never believe what happened to me.”
“Who’s this? The force isn’t in me to tell. You’re calling from Xavier’s house, though.” came his friend Roy. He sounded confused. Xavier had to convince him somehow.
“The force is much stronger in me than it ever was, Roy.” It was definitely Xavier, but the voice threw his friend off, and a long silence was on the other end of the phone. “Just come over here, Roy. You’ll see!”
“Okay, okay…” And Roy hung up. Xavier hung up quickly as well. He looked at himself some more in the mirror, waiting on his buddy to show up. He still felt like he was in major pain, just like he had when he was growing this way. In fact, slowly and unnoticeably to him, he was still growing. Past the perfect jockiness of the star quarterback, and more into bodybuilding. His perfect six-pack deepened into an eight-pack that was so cut, paper couldn’t fit through the grooves. His veins began to poke out all over the place, looking like a roadmap instead of a healthy bulging vein here and there. His already buff body grew stronger and filled in with more muscles. More strength. More power! Soon, he was at least a hundred pounds heavier than he had just been, all muscle added to him. His blonde hair grew a little more and after a while, he styled himself into a center part, so that it didn’t hang in front of his eyes. He moaned heavily as he saw his dick for the first time ever since the changes began. It had been a puny four inches, but now it was a monstrosity. At least nine inches soft, his balls proportional to it, almost like lemons. He gasped and knew he had to hide this from Roy.
He began to wonder what to do next when the doorbell rang. Roy was at his front door. He quickly wrapped a towel around his waist and wet his hair to make it seem like he’d been showering, but the towel was almost too small for his new body. He walked downstairs and opened the door.
“Hey, what are you doing in Xavier’s house!” Roy screamed in panic. Xavier, to make sure none of the neighbors saw what he was or his friend’s panic, grabbed Roy by the shirt collar, which was ironed neatly like his pocket protector, and pulled him into the house, closing the door quickly.
“Roy… it’s me!” Xavier said as he turned. Roy shook his head, backing away from the hulk that was, somehow, his friend. “Roy… this is Xavier! I don’t know how it happened to me, but it is me!” Xavier was quite… happy… to hear it from himself. He loved what he’d become, but knew he was still the same.
“Fine, if you’re who you say you are… then tell me what you’re doing in this house.” Roy demanded to know what the hell was going on.
“I live here, you dumbass!” Xavier shouted, “And if I’m who I say I am, then you know that I’m allergic to pepper.” Xavier charged into the kitchen, almost having to squat and turn sideways to get through the doorway, but somehow managing to make it. He grabbed the pepper and held it close to his face.
Roy was unimpressed. “I doubt you’re Xavier. Xavier wouldn’t knowingly throw pepper on himself.”
Xavier knew that this was true, on any other given day. He set the shaker down. “Well then, how do I know that you prefer the Next Generation of Star Trek over the original? Or that you secretly pretend you don’t need glasses before bed? Or even,” Xavier lowered his voice, “That you like Joey from our quarterback team.”
Roy, shocked to hear these things from this hulk of a man, shook his head. “Any stalker could tell you those things.”
Xavier began to grow fed up now. He had to do something soon to get his friend to know him and not call the cops. “Fine. Ask me something that only I would know.”
Roy thought long and hard for a moment before realizing that it was a hard question. “Fine, Xavier knows that I like pi. He also is the only one to know how many numbers of pi I know. How many do I know?” he asked quizzing.
Without a second thought, Xavier answered quickly, “302.”
Roy, now disturbed that this could actually be his friend, grunted and began to look around. “How many elements on the periodic table do I have in my bedroom?”
“Twenty.” Xavier replied, again without a second thought.
Roy decided to give it one last go ahead. “Fine. If you’re truly Xavier….” Roy thought of the juiciest thing he could think of and smiled, “Did you have a wet dream about me two nights ago?”
Xavier blushed then. Yes, he had. The two of them were a closeted couple, but neither publicly said anything about it, nor did they have to act like they were gay. If they were nerds, they already were to many in the high school. He knew if he said no, Roy wouldn’t believe him. If he said yes, Roy wouldn’t believe him because he’d lied two days ago and told his friend he had not had a dream about him. He was in a rut. It was a trick question.
“If I’m truly Xavier,” he began to think of a counter-action, “Then do I still taste the same?” he smiled as he went over and kissed Roy, massaging their tongues together. Roy enjoyed the kiss from his lover, knowing now that Xavier was this hulking and good-looking man.
Roy broke the kiss after a moment though. “Yes… you are him!” Roy was surprised, “But how?!”
Xavier shook his head. “I don’t know, Roy. I just know that it happened, and I love it!”
Roy nodded, “I do too!” He kissed Xavier’s hard pecs in admiration. “So… what are you gonna do about your body?”
Xavier thought deeply for a moment and looked around. “Well…” he got a sudden twinkle in his eye, “I’d like to pay Joey a visit. Pay him back for that lunch date today….”
Roy shook his head, “No, X. You can’t do that. You’ll get beat by the whole football team.” Xavier laughed, and Roy reconsidered his words, “Though you look like the whole team as one now…”
Xavier put a big hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Let’s go up to my room and watch Discover Now. It’s about to come on and they’re talking about space today.”
Roy grew excited, “Awesome! Let’s go!” And with that, they headed up to the bedroom to watch the TV. Xavier’s day had just gone from bad to great. He began to think, maybe Roy can grow too. The thought immediately ceased from his mind, he wouldn’t wish this on his boyfriend. He wanted the power to himself. He passed the mirror again and saw his reflection. He was around five hundred pounds of muscle now, nearly seven and a half feet tall (he was just slightly taller), and he had short blonde hair. He smiled at himself in the mirror. He looked good and he knew it.
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