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Nova Operations of the Valdor Association

Project Genocide-
Operation File:
Operation Name: Genocide
Operation Subject: Virus
Operation Testing: Cannon DeVince
Operation Description:
2490 A.D. The virus known as the Black Plague has been extracted from a species of rodent found in the Ventenace continent. Black Plague is one of the most deadly viruses on the planet that is still surviving and was responsible for wiping out over 100,000 victims in the early years. Scientists thought by extracting this virus and manipulating it, that it could be reversed to manipulate the body and create more power and more strength. The experiment was not at all how we planned. The specimen that we used for testing Cannon DeVince (A man who was serving prison for life and more recently moved to Death Row) reacted very badly to the enhanced virus. He lost all memories of his past and began to take on a new personality of pure darkness. It took over 300 people and 229 lives to capture him and put him into carbon freezing where he now rests. They refer to him as Nova now. All other projects relating to this virus have been suspended.Plans a year latter changed and Nova was released into space in 2491 A.D. at 12,500 mph headed towards the desolate ice ball in the outer solar system for eternal imprisonment. He was to dangerous to keep on our planet, and now we fear hes free.
End File

Kilo, a male human. Very tall and built muscular. His hair was a dark blue that reached down to his legs in a spike fashion. His armor was solid black and divided up into 5 sections each one very distinctive. His body armor extended all the way up and behind his neck then out towards his shoulders. The chest place made a straight shot down his sternum and wrapped around his rib cage. Next was his belt, which went around his waist and then dropped down both sides of his outer legs. Black ridges traveled down the rest of his legs. Then the finishing was his leather boots with black steel lining that went around the edges for support and extra durability. Kilo's weapon was a beautiful double blade. One side was a solid double fold steel blade while the other side was created from a legendary stone known as the black diamond. Nearly indestructable and if cut right was sharper than any other metal known to man.

The screen that he was recently reading the Project Genocide file on had folded upwards back into the screen case. He seemed very hesitant at the words he had just read and continued staring at the wall in front of him as he thought. Could Cannon really have broken free from the carbon freezing and regenerated himself, or was there more to it than any one knew. Either way Kilo knew that he had to find the truth, he had to find what his brothers fate had truly become.

Kilo reached forward and pulled out a key board. The computer screen once again unfolded right in front of him. With 3 taps on the key board the files had all been deleted, then he turned and walked out without another thought.

The doors to the Valdor research facility opened up and there he found himself staring at the open green fields that had concieled the facilities location. His lips opened and his tongue folded back, a loud whistle emitted from him. With lightning agility a black panther the size of a horse had stopped in front of him and bowed before. There was a beautiful leather saddle upon his back with angelic markings upon the sides. "Kilo, did you find what we have been looking for here?" Cynth said to the man standing in front of him. "Yes my friend, we are that much closer to finding the truth to this." He walked up to the cat and threw one leg over him and moved on top of the saddle. "We need to go back to the Main City and find a ride to where I believe his resting spot should of been. If he did make it there we will know, but if the carbon prison never made it there then I am sure he is some where else, and free." Cynth made a face of disgust and then took off with the same speed he had arrived with, headed for the Main City.

Cynth carried Kilo through the grasslands and then past the yellow dunes of the Sabi Desert, headed straight to the Main City. Main City is the central trade district of the Sabi Empire. The Empire expands for miles and is the most active city in the galaxy. Cynth and Kilo are headed to the biggest Air Port in the city that holds over 50,000 air ships alone with a storage center holding another 19,000.
"Cynth if we hurry I can probably catch Isabel and she could possibly give us a ride to where we need to go. She has one of the finest ships in this hangar.. go to port 238."
Cynth took a deep breath and replied back "I'll do my best to get there fast."
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