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This story is about skating
Alice and her brother Tommy were pretty normal kids for their age. Alice was fourteen and Tommy was twelve. One day they came home from a long day of school and found out that Dad was taking them to the roller Rome on Saturday. They leaped for joy as they called all their friends to come and meet them up there. Alice and Tommy told Dad the people they were going to meet up there. Alice started listing all the of here friends who were coming. "Macey,Alex,Sarah,Lacey, and Tony “she said. Dad said that it was ok for them to meet their friends up there. Alex and Tommy thanked Dad and went to do their homework.

Saturday finally came. Alice and Tommy woke up extra early and made themselves breakfast. After, they waited for Dad to wake up wile watching TV excitedly. Dad finally got up and came downstairs. When Dad was done with everything he had to do that morning and then they left for the roller Rome. Alice and Tommy were early so they put on their skates and started skating.

To be funny Tommy pushed Alice and Alice fell to the ground. Right then Macey and Tony came in. They ran over to Alice to make sure she was ok and help her up. It turned out that that Alex, Sarah, and Lacey couldn't come because their grandmother was taking them to the zoo. Tommy’s friend Brian came a little wile after the girls but did not skate skate. Tommy got off the skating floor and hung out with Brian the rest off the time they were there. Alice and her friends laughed the whole time they skated.

They stayed at the roller Rome for about two more hours and then they left. Alice and Tommy left tiredly but had fun. They couldn't wait till the next time they went to the roller Rome.
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