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This story is about skating
Once there was a girl named Mary Lynn and her best friend for life named Casey. Casey loved to skate but Mary Lynn always told her friend that she never wanted to go skating with her. Casey was upset with Mary Lynn. Casey only wanted to go to the skating center with her BFF. Mary Lynn never told anybody that she couldn’t go because she was scared. When Mary Lynn was only about three years old her father took her to the skating center. She loved all of the lights and the music.

She thought that it was perfect until Mary Lynn lost her doll that she took everywhere with her. No one in the world could separate them a part. As Mary Lynn crawled across the floor she looked and looked and looked. When Mary Lynn started to cry someone with roller blades on ran over her fingers and did not even say a word. No sorry no excuse me not even an are you ok. Not anything. Mary Lynn didn't say a word. She didn't yell or anything, all she did was sit there and she just stared in to space. When her father found her he looked so scared. He told her to never run away like that again.

All Casey did was beg and beg. She wanted Mary Lynn to go to the skating center with her. The same skating center that Mary Lynn was when she lost her doll and got her fingers ran over. Mary Lynn could not stand to see her friend beg so much. It was eating her up inside! When Mary Lynn said that Casey could stop begging so much they could go to the skating center on Saturday with Mary Lynn’s father.

When Saturday came Mary Lynn’s father took them to the skating center like before there was so many light and loud music. Casey and Mary Lynn got their skates and went on the floor. Mary Lynn was very heisted to go so Casey pushed her and Mary Lynn flew all the way to the other side of the floor. Casey and Mary Lynn left the canter at 9:00 p.m. They had so much fun and they are going to do it again pretty soon.
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