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The Manifesto, or statement, for a group my friends and I formed about true beauty.
This is a statement I wrote up one day for a group my friends and I started to fight the world's opinion of womanly beauty.  We were sick of being forced to accept the false standards put upon us, so we wanted to do something about it.  We started a website advertising the message of *true* beauty, not worldly beauty. We called ourselves Beauty Unfeigned; we are real women with real beauty, real personalities with real things to offer.  We want other women to see their beauty as well. 
Enough chatter, here is the Manifesto:

We at Beauty Unfeigned look around and find no rest from the worldly standards women are expected to follow if they are to be accepted. We have decided that this sanction from the world is not acceptable to us. We refuse to support fake beauty, the practice of putting one woman above another. Women should not have to submit themselves to a mutilation or changing of their bodies for approval from the world. This act compromises a woman's worth for opinions that simply don’t matter.

Honestly, who’s to say what is beautiful or not? Old Grecian art loved curvier women, and now days any *natural* extra weight is frowned upon. It has gotten to the point where women starve themselves or purge to fit the preferred body type. We say, forget about accepted body types, perfect tan skin, ONE way to be. The popular look is ever-changing anyway. Whatever you look like, clear skin or not, curves or not, heck even a bust or not!, THAT is beautiful. The very uniqueness of you makes this world interesting. Forcing your body to be the un-natural “beauty” of the world only makes men act like apes anyway! Let’s help those men evolve, eh? Let it be known that women are taking a stand against impossible standards! We love who we are we will NOT change.

No longer will we look in the mirror and cringe. We are sick of feeling like we're ugly and not good enough…because WE ARE beautiful. Remember: "You are as beautiful as you feel."  The world can take everything from you, but it cannot take your self-worth unless you let it. DON'T let it. Fight it!  We will make a difference, even if it is just in our own lives. If at least one woman TRULY realizes they are beautiful, then we have done our job.

---Beauty Unfeigned
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