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The story about me and my friends go trick-or-treat
It was Halloween night at my next door neighbor's house.There were scary Haunted house stuff everywhere.Every little kid was scared to go to the house.It was very cold the night.
Then my mom, my friend Shari,and i went to my neighbor's house. My mom always looks of for me and my friend.My friend Shari is so funny and sweet to me.Everyone in by neighbor hood always go trick or treating and gives out candy.
When we went to my nieghbor's house there were little kids and there moms and dads in front of us the parents there were laughing and talking.When we got our candy there was a boy following us with an scary mask on and a scary costume on.
He went to ever house that we went to.Then we started to run then he started to run we ran faster he ran faster.Shari and me were screaming and running at the same time.then he went away.Shari and I went to the next when we were walking to the next house the boy that was following us jumped out in front of us.Shari and scearmed.It was our friend Sean we all strated to laugh.Then we all went trick or treating together!!!
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