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Story about crazy camp with bad food, cabins, and activites.
One time there was a camp named Camp Adventure. The kids who went there called it crazy. The activites, food, cabins, and consulers where crazy. Some activites were jump snake, ice roller blading, and a video game that's dangerous and the player is put inside it. They served airplane food everyday. Plus, the cabins were breaking down. A boy named Todd says that his sister went there for one day, and was missing the next. The consulers went out of town everyday.In the skating ring, it is said that Todd's sister is haunting it. "Find the way, find the way out." witnesses clam that is what she says. One day Todd went out his house and went to Camp Adventure. He was not heard from since. Some campers think that Todd is with his sister. Others think that he is still out there in the woods, or on a freeway in a stranger's car. One day a girl named Millesa went to the skating ring. She did not believe in ghost. So she thought Todd was still out there, and his sister ran away. Millesa went to the ring at night. That is when Sasha, Todd's sister, showed up the most. "Sasha's ok, I know it. She's not here, and I'll prove it by standing here all night. I'll prove it to all of you believers." Millesa said. 15 minutes later, Sasha's ghost showed up. Sasha looked pale, wearing a blue dress that was white now. Millesa was sleep. "Wake up, wake up! You are ruing my so called resting place. Get up now!" Millesa woke up in fear and terror. Mostly terror. "Who are you, and why are you so pale and dried out?" she asked. "I am the ghost of Sasha Jones. You have destrubed me. Now go, or end up like me. Haunting this ring at night and receiving a painful shock every attemp trying to leave for no reason. Go girl, go!" she sreached. "Wait Sasha, you are Todd's sister? The one who disappeared? I do not understand, ghost are fake and fictionous. You are not real. I know it." Millesa babbled and babbled about ghost being fake for about 5 minutes. Sasha got tired and irritated. "Listen girl, if you want to live, get out, for the sake of both of us." Then Millesa got an idea. "Stay here I'll be right back." "Like I have a choice to move." Sasha said. Millesa was gone for 1-2 minutes. Then she came back with a camera. "If I can take your picture without you showing up when it prints out, you real. But, if I can see you in the picture, you are using special effects." Millesa said. "Where did you get that stupid idea from? Weither you see me or not, I am still here. Now you are wasting my time. Get out of here now, before I make you." "Fine, make me. Wait you cannot,you are a ghost, an untouchable,so you cannot touch me silly child. I am in control now. So hush. Watch nothing happen to me tonight." Millesa said toughly. "You are the silly child for 2 good reasons. 1) I am a ghost now. 2) If you do not get out of here...." "I make you myself. I know. I know." Millesa interrupted. "No, you will turn into a ghost. I am not kidding. You will be caught and trapped like me. I said that before, yet you are still here." Sasha thought for a second. "I know what you can do." "What?" "Find Todd." The next morning Millesa was up and about. Camp Adventure was pretty much empty. No consulers, barely any campers, and the food lady. That made it easier to go outside camp. Millesa could not wait to find Todd. "I wonder why she wants her brother." Millesa went to the freeway. Next she went into the forest. "Hello, where is Camp Crazy? Hellooooooooo?" said a voice in the forest. "Who's there? Are you Todd Jones? If you are, I'm Millesa. Your sister sent me." "I am, I am Todd Jones. Millesa where are you?" "Todd, I am right over aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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