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This story is about 3 boys who decide to scare people on Halloween.
Our story begins. It was a dark, dark night. The sky was cloudless. Only the bright moon shown, casting a shadow over the little neighborhood of, Gavel St. 3 brothers, Etheles, Brin, and Telk, were talking in there bedroom. They were the most hated people in the neighborhood. All of the bad comments that they made about their neighbors, they put in a book. In the book, they had each and every persons name in their neighborhood in it. All of the bad comments were basically the same for every person. The boys wanted to get their neighbors back. It was close to Halloween, and they had many scary masks just waiting to be reborn. They deciced that they would scare every single person in the neighborhood.
The next day, they all met in there secret clubhouse. Etheles had brought some ideas that he had thought of in school. "Hey guys!" he said. "I brought some pretty spooky ideas!!!" he told them with a smile. "We will so scare the wits out of them!" said Brin. "Heheh yea! This will be the best Halloween Ever! Well, maybe for us, but not for our stupid stinky neighbors!" said Telk. They talked on and on about what they were going to do. They planned it out on a piece of paper. It was sort of like a map. It was a map of the whole town. They had battle-stations where they knew where people would be most of the time. They were still missing something. "Wait! We are missing something." said Etheles. The 3 brothers thought about what they were missing for a long time. "I KNOW!!!" shouted Telk. "WE ARE MISSING COSTUMES!!!" he said again. The boys all shook there heads in agreement. Since that was brought up, they stayed there for the rest of the day, until they had to go home. The next day was Monday.Very close to Halloween. Halloween was on Friday, so they had to plan it out, and fast. They didn't have that many supplies to make their masks look even more scarier, but what they had would have to do. When the brothers got home, they did their homework, well, some of it at least. After that they went to their room, where each of them had a different scary mask that they got from Wal-Mart. They each got together in their clubhouse. They looked and tested their masks to see how scary they were. they only had to retouch them a bit. After they finished retouching them they went back to their house. It was dinner time when they got their and they didn't know what to eat. Their mom had made a feast like every year that she did it. The brothers ate until they could eat nothing else. "WOW! That was the best feast we have had in years!" said Brin. "Yea! No wonder mom got a good job as a cook." said Telk. "Now as you guys know, in a few years we might have a bit more money to spend. Then we can spend it on the stuff that we really need." mom told them. "Until then, we have to spend our money wisely." she said. "Ok, but mom? Do you think that you could buy us some scary stuff to retouch our masks? We want to be the scariest people in the neighborhood!" said Etheles. "Sure thing honey. I get payed tomarrow, so then I will buy the stuff that you need." said mom. "Thanks mommy!!" said the brothers. Late that night, after their mother went to bed, the brothers stayed up watching T.V the whole night. The next morning, they told their mom that they were sick and they couldn't go to school, because the principle had said that anyone who was sick had to stay home because he didn't want them giving it off to other kids. So as usual, the mom let them stay home while she went to work. While she was gone, the brothers had went to use the last bit of decorations they had to retouch their costumes. After they used every last ounce of the decoration, they practiced outside. They practiced walking by. Each time a brother walked by, another brother that was in the bush or tree would pop out and practice scaring them. The brothers had so much fun that they forgot when there mom would get home. "OH NO!" said Brin. "Mom is gonna be home in 30 seconds!" he yelled. The brothers ran to their house, but it was too late. Mom was home, and she was angry... "HOW COULD YOU BOYS PRETEND TO BE SICK?! YOU ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK WHEN I GOT HERE, NOT KNOWING WHERE YOU WERE AND SUCH! THIS IS SUCH RUBBISH! RUBBISH I TELL YOU!!!" The boys were grounded. Now how would they scare people. They had to think harder than ever... That next night was Friday. Everyone was getting ready for Halloween, and it was early in the morning. The boys went to school, but when they got there, everyone stared at them. They were noticable. Real noticable. They went to their homeroom. There teacher asked," Where are your costume boys?" "We got grounded. We arn't aloud to wear costumes.... We arn't even aloud to go trick-or-treating." said Etheles in a annoyed voice. "Oh. I'm so sorry...." said one of their nosey classmates. "Shut up Nick...." said Brin. "Why don't you shut up you fart!!!"he answered back. Brin got mad. He got up, and shoved him into the wall. After that he did something horrible. He punched him in the stomach. Just then, a riot started. "Fight, fight,fight,fight,fight!" everyone yelled. The teacher overheard them raging on and on about fighting. She came in to see what all of the commotion was about. She found out that the boys were fighting. She tried to break it up, but she couldn't do it alone. The principle came in, while he was just coincidly passing by. "WHAT'S GOIN ON?!?!?!"he asked. Everyone ignored him. He whistled. Principle Gourd was known for his whistle. Everyone stopped chanting and looked at him. They all sat down and behaved for the rest of the day while he was there. After school, the boys devised a plan that they would sneek out, and go into the bushes where nobody would find them. From there they would scare every single person on the block that passed by. The next day was halloween. The boys did not have school so they went outside while there mom was sleeping. Halloween always started early. It was 12:00 and trick-or-treaters would be passing by any moment. The boys waited. Just then a little girl walked by. Brin jumped out. "ROOOAAAARRR!!!!!" he said. The little girl screamed and ran home. The 3 brothers laughed so hard, that they did not notice their mom walking up to the bush. "And what do you think you boys are doing?" she asked. "Aww man!" the boys mumbled. "The funs ruined." they said sadely. As they walked home, there mom told them they were grounded for a year. there would be no more scaring for them ever ever again.

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