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This is about 3 sisters who work their way to being a famous singers.
This story starts with a happy family in the Philipines. This family is not any other family but this unique family stands strong with love. They are always happy when their close together and love each other dearly that if someone goes away they aren't complete. This happy family was callled the Gomez family. They were all going to move to a place called Luzun. "Da,da,da,da,dadadada!" Mr. Gomez sang to the family. "Dad! can please stop." little Emerald ordered with a giggle. Emerald was the middle child of the family but she was smarter then you think."It goes like this...........La,la,la,la,lalalalala.....If you want love.... you gotta,gotta love someone.......When you keep loving you'll.......start to smile...........and be HAPPY!!!!!!!" Emerald sang with her beautiful voice."Ha,ha,ha." Mrs. Gomez cried. She also had a beautiful voice. That is where Emerald got her wonderful voice. The family van came to a stop."Waaaaaaaaaaaa!" little Ruby screamed. Ruby was the youngest of the three and yet also had a wonderful voice. "Oh, come on. Please stop crying Ruby." Emerald said while trying to relax her stubborn sister."Just leave her alone" the Sapphire said. Sapphire is the oldest and is the bossiest sister in the family. She always wants everything to go her way and she thinks that she is the best. She could be nice but sometimes she is not in the mood of having fun."Sapphire, can you calm your sister down. If Emerald can't do it why don't you try. You are the eldest in this family. You should know your responsibilities."Mr. Gomez said to her oldest daughter."Ok......." Sapphire said with a grunt."Why do I have to do everything?!" Sapphire said to herself. "Oh, cheer up! Were moving to a new house and starting a new life but it doesn't seem like your happy, Sapphire." Mrs. Gomez replied like she was reading her mind."Sorry mother. I'm just having a bad day." Sapphire said. She started to hum a tune then it turned to lala's then to singing." Have a happy day......a happy dayyyyy......." Sapphire sang with her pretty voice."Now youv'e got it!" Emerald said and she started to sing with her sister. Soon after Emerald and Sapphire started to sing the family van was filled with beautiful singing and laughter.
It all came crashing down in one second. Before Mr. Gomez could react to the wildly umcoming truck, they crashed right into each other. No one had time to scream and no one had time to duck down.. Soom after came the death of the happiness and love of their family.

Chapter 2

"Ahhhhh!" Ruby abrubtly sat up. She had one of those horrid dreams that she didn't know how to interpret. They were always the same. A family she didn't recognized that she seemed to be a part of were all so happy but it all ended with one horrifying accident. She always watched it from distance like a terrifying movie. Before she could panic about the dream, the door to her room flied opened and in came her father.
"Sweety! What is it? Are you OKAY?" my father asked all panicky like I was crazy or slow or something. He sometimes overreacted to my nightmares saying I was cursed or something. My dad had his brown hair all messy and he had some creases caused by his pillows. I would have laughed at his appearance if I wasnt' already freaked out.
"I'm fine dad! Gosh, you don't need to worry. It was just the same dream...." I started to say but my dad interrupted me with one of his outbursts.
"The SAME DREAM!!!! THE SAME DREAM!!!!" now my dad was scaring me.
"Dad PLEASE! Can you stop yelling? I'm right here!" I replied with soothing voice.
"Well what do you expect me to do? Just sit still and do nothing. You're having nightmares and I have a VERY bad feeling about this. You're starting school tomorrow and these dreams will distract you...... we have to see SOMEONE!!!"
"Dad, you know how I feel about that. I'm not crazy! I'm just having some dreams that are pretty weird and I don't know how to explain them." I gave a frustrated sigh. "No can I please go back to sleep and get some rest." I pleaded with my eyes. My dad was stubborn at first but gave in and we said our good nights before I felll back into restless sleep.

"mhmmm........mhmmmm....... no!" Sapphire sat up immediately. Her long brown wavy hair was now sweaty and covering her face, probably making her look like the Grudge. She sleepy pushed her hair back and lay back to her pillow. This was the third time that she had the same dream. She remembered that day like any other and it was terrible. She never thought it would bother her as much but she remembered her bloody mother and father and her sisters sitting by her unconsieuse. She was the only one that awoke after the crash because she had the reflexes to duck down before she could feel the impact of the truck. After awhile she kind of blacked out and felt big hands carry her away. She awoke the next day at a hospital where she immediately started looking for her family. Everywhere she looked she couldn't find them and so she started to cry. She was frantically sobbing at a corner of a hallway where a man named Samuel found her. Samuel felt so sad and when Sapphire told him her story so he adopted her and she lived with his family until she was old enough to live alone. She was very thankful for Samuel but she never really felt the love of a true family. And she was still looking for that today. She sighed frustratedly. She just wished that she would get rid of all her horrible memories and move on, but she couldn't help but think that maybe, her family was out there, feeling the same thing she felt right now, and she just needed to find away to be with them. After a few minutes of organizing her thoughts, her eyelids felt heavy and soon she was asleep.

The next day, Sapphire was out to look for her family.

"NO!!!" Emerald screamed. She stood up abruptly. She had one of her nightmares again. She could get rid of them. She wanted to forget all about her past but couldn't. It keeps haunting her forever.

To be continued.........
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