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the second installment of this amazing story.
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Chapter 6

The following morning as John came too he found that he had a tremendous weight on his chest, and a slight breeze blowing past his cheek. Opening his eyes he found to his pleasant surprise that Anrill was laying on top of him, her whole body was on top of his with her hands clasping at his chest fur, her muzzle berried in the scruff of his neck and her soft warm breasts squished firmly into his chest. Freeing his hand he gently stroked her head and smiled. Lifting his head he noticed that her shirt has ridden up to her shoulders. Using his free hand he tried to pull it back down but it was stuck too firmly above her breasts to move. Not wanting to wake her up he continues to stroke her head, eventually falling asleep again, happy in the knowledge she was there.

A few hours later Anrill was woken by the sound of grumbling tummies. Coming too she lift her head out of the scruff of John’s neck and looked at his face as his stomach let off another empty growling gurgling sound. Glancing at the clock on the bedside table she could see it was late.
“Hey John?… John?… time to wake up.”

When he didn’t reply she tried to shake him awake by moving him up and down, using the weight of her whole body to move his.
“Hey sleepy head… time for breakfast.”
“Hu? W- what time is it?” he asked groggily.
“Time to get up and eat.”
John opened his eyes and found himself looking straight an Anrill’s beautiful face. She was even more beautiful than she had seemed the night before. She had the most beautiful big brown eyes and her dark brown fur was so thick and soft, her nose and muzzle were both perfectly formed and showed of that wonderful beaming smile wonderfully.
“What? Never seen a pritty face before?”
“No… I mean yes… but…”
Anrill raised herself up on her arms. For a moment John got a glimpse of her lovely white breasts before her shirt slid back down over them.

Stealing his gaze away from those heavenly orbs he forced himself to look at her face again.
Anrill looked down to where john had been looking. Then looking up she said.
“So which do you like better, my boobs or my face?”
“well… I err… that is….” John stuttered
Anrill shifted her weight to her left arm and placing the other beneath her breasts simultaneously lifted both breasts, pushing the fabric beneath them. She could quite easily feel the result as john’s crotch grew beneath her, pressing against her stomach. A fact that simultaneously pleased her and made John slightly nervous.
“Well? Do you prefer the boobs or me?”

John was in an awkward situation, he desperately didn’t want to offend her, but he didn’t want to lie either, and it was plainly obvious how much he aprecieated those boobs…
“Ye.. I mean no I - I mean…”
He looked at her face and smiled and instantly knew what to say. reaching out to touch her face lightly he said.
“You. Every part of you, all of you and including you.”
Anrill smiled and let go of her chest.
“Ahh that’s sweet.”

John spying that she was impressed sat up as best he could, straining every muscle to get closer to her face and gave her a peck on the cheack before dropping back down.
Anrill put her hand to her cheek and blushed visibly… well as visibly as one can when you’re cheacks are covered in fur.

Anrill swung her legs round to sit on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor
“Well then... You won’t mind cooking an all round pretty girl breakfast then.”
John rolled onto his side and watched as Anrill got up and walked over to the corner, watching her bum and tail swing back and fourth with each step. He particularly enjoyed it when she bent over to pick up her shorts and lifted her tail as she did so. Affording him a perfect view of her round furry bum and white panties. He watched eagerly as she walked towards the door as she stepped into her shorts. As she left she turned back to him with a wry smile on her face.
“I’m going for a little walk and I want a full English breakfast waiting for me when I get back, with sausages and everything. Oh and I suggest you have a shower and clean yourself up first... I can smell you from hear.”
“You’re a dog; of course you can smell me from there.”
“I know… I still want you to have a shower though.”
John sniffed under his arm… It didn’t smell bad.
“But why? I don’t smell that bad… there are humans out there that smell worse than me [i]after[/i] a bath.”
“I know you don’t, but you’re covered in blood.” She said as she pointed at his side.

John sat up and felt where the stray bullet had gone. It didn’t hurt at all. Looking up she was no longer in his bedroom. He swung his paws out of bed and stood up.
There was the click of a lock and then Anrill’s voice echoed through the house
“Don’t forget the sausages…”
No sooner had he replied than the door shut with a bang.

John turned his attention to the bandage. It was a little early but it felt perfectly fine perhaps, it was ok to take off the bandage.

To be continued…

Chapter 7

Anrill walked away from the bedroom, through the lounge and to the front door. Undoing the lock she opened the door and turning towards the bedroom she shouted.
“Don’t forget the sausages…”
“Ok.” John replied
Then without going though the door she slammed it shut and instantly ghosted herself. Now invisible she turned round and tiptoed back to John’s room, trying hard to suppress a fit of the giggles.

When she got to his bedroom she found him checking his wound. She walked right up to him, without him having the slightest idea she was there. His wound was completely healed… even his fur had grown back thanks to the nanites, but it was all still covered in blood. She watched him gently prod and push it.
“Well it seems fine I guess.”
Anrill looked up at him… ‘He talks to himself’ she thought, 'how wierd.'
He continued to test his ex wound for a while before standing up
“Better check if I’ve even got any sausages…”
He walked through the living room and into a tiny tiny kitchen and started rummaging through the fridge, before opening the small freezer on top.
“Ah ha. Found you.”
He removed a pack of frozen sausages and a pack of bacon and placed them on the surface.

If Anrill hadn’t been ghosted there’d never have been enough room for them both, as despite her efforts John passed through her several times as he took down pots and pans out of various hiding places and put several dirty things in the sink.

He turned round and pulled open a draw, unknowingly putting his hand and arm straight through Anrill’s vagina. Even if John didn’t feel it Anrill did. It caused her to take a sharp breath of air as joyous shivers were sent down her body, all focusing around her crotch. As he rummaged though the draw for something the feeling intensified. Closing her eyes Anrill gripped the edge of the work surface and followed John’s hand with her pelvis to keep the sensations centred on her most sensitive parts, enjoying the feeling immeasurably.

“Gotcha.” He said lifting a box of matches from the draw and returned to the cooker, much to Anrill’s Intense disappointment and shortly afterwards confusion. ‘I don’t get it… that’s never happened before.’ She said to herself…John of course didn’t hear. Indeed all the times she had been ghosted she had had many things go through her without her even feeling a thing, even when they went though [i]that[/i] area. It didn’t make sense.

John turned the gas on and struck the match… he was about to light the hob when he suddenly turned the gas off.
“Ops nearly forgot the shower.”

He waved out the match and put it down. He turned round and walked straight through Anrill… again she felt him pass though her. ‘What’s going on?’ She pondered this for a few moments before remembering with a start why she had remained here ghosted in the first place.
‘Oh I’d better get going if I’m not going to miss this.’
With that she ran after John. She found him going down a corridor she had never seen before. But then that wasn’t surprising seeing as she had only been here one night.

As she followed him down the corridor they passed two doors on the right and a single window to the outside world on the left. By the third door and the second window, they had reached the end of the corridor. John turned silently and opened the door and began to walk through it, hand still on the door handle.

Not wanting to be shut outside the bathroom Anrill stole her breath and braced herself for the feeling of passing though John, closed her eyes and lunged towards him, it came and then ended suddenly. That didn’t make sense; it was like the feeling had stopped half way through. She opened her eyes and found her vision moving around without her telling it too.
‘What the?’
The world suddenly span round and lent out the door way and suddenly her mouth started to move of it’s own accord.
“Anrill? That you?” It sounded like Johns voice. But then again it didn’t sound quite right. She felt her shoulders shrug without her say so and then the world once again moved, this time back into the bathroom. The bathroom consisted of a shower a sink a towel rail a large full length mirror and a toilet. Though she had to see most of these out of the corner of her eye’s which she could no longer control. Her whole body had a definite mind of its own.

The world bent down and suddenly she knew why. The world spun round to face the full length mirror and she knew for certain. She was in John’s body seeing and feeling what he saw and felt. John’s jaw dropped and his hand lightly touched his face then chest and Anrill distinctly felt it. John closed his eyes and shook his head lightly.
“Why on earth am I suppressed I look like me.”
‘Yes why [i]are[/i] you surprised John?’

John turned away and began to undress as Anrill pondered this fact. As John put his thumbs into his boxers it struck her. She couldn’t control John’s body but maybe she could give him suggestions… maybe if she wanted him to do something he might actually do it. It had already happened with the mirror thing hadn’t it? But what did she want him to do?
‘I know I want him to turn and face the mirror and look at himself’ and to her surprise he let go of his boxers and turned towards the mirror and began to eye himself up and down. Anrill drunk in the sight before her. She saw his thick creamy white chest, his handsome face and he was reasonably well built, but when his eye’s passed over his boxer’s she willed his eye’s to stop roving.

‘Oh I wish you weren’t wearing those.’
If she could have Anrill would have had her eye’s wide open and glued to the spot, as John dropped his boxers and stepped out of them all the while Anrill thinking to herself
‘Oh yes show me show me.’
John stood up proudly in front of the mirror with his hands on his hips and his pelvis leaning forwards. Revealing two large balls with chestnut fur, which made them appear much larger than they actually were.
Anrill enjoyed watching these, especially when John scratched them a couple of times.

Never in her wildest dreams had she ever thought she would know what it was like to scratch you’re balls. But however nice she found this extenuated scratching feeling the lack of his penis was a bit of a shame, as it was still down his sheath. Which itself was very nice to look at, but she really wanted to see the rest.

John began to turn away to take his shower.
John looked around. As if he’d heard something.
She willed him to ignore it and he just shrugged it off.
‘Put you’re dick out.’
But he just shrugged it off and opened the shower door and reached in for the tap.
‘Think about my body – Anrill’s body.’
This took far less will power than she had initially thought.

John climbed out of the shower and closed his eyes. Suddenly Anrill saw images of herself flashing through John’s mind. She saw her breasts from angles she had never seen before. She felt John imagine being close to them and felt his crotch become warmer. She saw her bum and tail move so provocatively and her tail raise as she picked up her shorts. Suddenly John’s eye’s opened.
“No I mustn’t…”
‘Don’t stop… think of… think of her breasts…think of how soft they are.’
John’s eye’s closed again and images of Anrill’s breasts flooded past her eye’s, images of John licking them and fondling them, then one of him suckling at her teat, his mouth filling with her imaginary milk and others of what Anrill might do with her three sizes larger than life boobs. Some images made his shaft warmer and harder than other’s, these she enjoyed most of all.

She felt John’s cold hand’s touch his throbbing hot member. She felt it throb in his hand and the feelings that emanated from it, making each image that aroused John arouse her also. She felt it willing him to use it. A feeling she couldn’t, nor wanted to refuse, so she continued to spur him on to more and more erotic thoughts.
She took partial control of John’s wet dream of herself and caused her image to caress John’s cock with her tits. This was a massive success, as John instantly began to move his hands in unison with the mental image of Anrill’s tit fucking. Every stroke sent ever increasing waves of pleasure through John’s entire body centring around his cock, spurring them both on to greater and greater efforts of pleasure.

John fell to the floor with his back to the shower as Anrill controlled her mental self before his eyes, which were only half open, concentrating on the lovely images she showed him and the feelings of his own pleasure.

Soon the images didn’t matter as he pumped harder and harder and harder.
Anrill willed him to let go of his seed but for some reason he wouldn’t, he just kept on pumping. Both there minds washed away by the constant feelings that emanated from it’s length. Finally when Anrill could feel him tiring he finally let go, with a wonderful feeling of blissful ecstasy, followed by a sudden release of pressure as his cum shot out. Thoughrally exhausted he relaxed and slumped down onto the floor as he began to drift off, but with a wonderful fluffy happy feeling with his shaft still rock hard.

As he began to nod off Anrill found herself in almost full control of John’s entire body. He was still thoughrally exhausted, but his penis was still as hard as a rock. She didn’t care why, she just grabbed his penis gently between her hands and started to pump it herself with increasing vigour. She could feel John enjoying it even though he was on the edge of consciousness. She pumped and pumped it, enjoying every moment till she could find absolutely no strength within John’s body and his body slumped away, leaving her sitting inside John with her ghosted hand’s on a penis that was no longer hers.

Panting hard she got up and stepped out of John, with a more familiar feeling of sexual pleasure emanating from her own vagina. Undoing her zip she stuck her hand down her thoughrally wet crotch and shoved her fingers between her lips and into her vagina, and brought herself back to climax, falling to her knees as the feeling washed over her, all the while imagining what it would be like to have John’s hot shaft inside her. She turned round to face John and couldn’t resist.

Standing up over his body she pulled down her shorts and now soaking wet knickers and crouching down over him guided herself down onto his hot throbbing shaft, accepting its full length inside her. She knew he was almost fast asleep and with good reason. But somehow that didn’t matter as she began to ride him, moving herself up and down his shaft bringing herself once again to climax. She continued to pump and pump until finally John ejaculated once again, filling her with a warm life giving fluid, affording Anrill an indescribable warm feeling inside her.

Still atop John Anrill relaxed her entire body. Eventually lifting herself from him she knelt in front of John and kissed him on the muzzle.
“Thanks John… From beginning to end that was like nothing I’ve ever experienced… even the sex was better.”

With that she lent over and kissed him once more and lent back.
“I think I owe you one for today… perhaps I’ll let you live out you’re dreams for real tonight.”

She got up and crossed to the door of the hall, pulling up her shorts, she picked up her knickers and headed for the door.

“I think I’ll cook [i]you’re[/i] breakfast today… and maybe tomorrow too, my manly little puppy.”

To be continued…

Chapter 8

Walking out of the shower Anrill headed off down the corridor and stopped at the doors she had passed earlier.
“I wonder?”
Going to the first door she opened it. It was only an airing cupboard full of clothes. Disappointed she closed it and headed to the next door.
“And behind door number 2 we have?…”

Anrill slid the door open. Inside was some kind of storage cupboard. There was a hoover, coats and at the back, shelves. Each shelf had large box’s perched on them, and on the floor various digigrade style shoes and trainers. (Even the thickest of paws bleeds if you tread on broken glass, or worse…)

A wry smile crossed Anrill’s lips.
“I bet he’s got his porn stashed in one of those big boxes.”
Stepping over the shoes Anrill started to peep in the box’s. Most were filled with John’s childhood possessions or assorted cleaning fluids and other household junk.
“Ah here we go.”
Anrill pulled down a heavy box full of magazines and placed it down in the corridor.

Kneeling down in front of it she opened it and promptly pulled out the first magazine. It was a copy of “play puppy.” Anrill flicked through it and was not surprised to find it showed various canine furr’s in erotic positions. Mostly pure breads, but then they always were. There was nothing that you’re average canine furr wouldn’t find erotic. Under the “play puppy’s” were various other kind’s of erotic magazines containing a variety of species including a couple of humans, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Anrill pulled out magazine after magazine and found nothing more out of the ordinary than magazines showing couples doing it doggy style… which she could understand seeing as genetically he was part dog, as was she. She was somewhat relieved at the contents of the box, as he wasn’t into anything dangerous, but she was also thourally disappointed at the total lack of any macrophilia of any sort.
‘Well I’ll soon change that. But all in good time.’
Putting the magazines back in there hiding place Anrill closed the door and headed for the kitchen. She had a fry up to cook.

It didn’t take too long to cook it all, as John had already got everything out in front of her earlier. She decided to go the whole hog and cooked all six sausages and six slices of bacon before mopping up the resulting fat in some scrumy fried bread.
“Ahh. I wish I could eat a breakfast like this every day… still It’ll make a nice change from those stale ‘meat-o-bics’ I’ve been eating recently.”

Anrill turned the oven on low and put the plates in to keep the food warm and went to fetch John from the shower. After all he must surely be awake by now.

When she reached the shower she put her ear to the door and heard the tap running. She slowly opened the door just a crack and peered through. She found the sight slightly amusing. John was standing at the sink rubbing wet tissue paper down his front, trying to remove the dried up cum from his fur, muttering to himself about it smelling odd.

He seemed to have no idea that she had been there during his masturbation, let alone mount him afterwards. Well he [i]had[/i] been unconscious at the time… A cheeky thought crossed Anrill’s mind and she couldn’t bare it, she just had to act on it.

Pushing the door wide open she burst into the room much to John’s surprise.
“What? All this time and you still haven’t showered? What have you been up to all this time?”
“Well I err... I mean.”

Anrill walked up to him and rested on his back and peered over his shoulder down his wet tummy.
“No wonder you’ve been taking so long if you shower like that.”
Anrill took away the tissue and chucked it down the toilet. Before closing the door to the bathroom and locking it.
“I guess I’ll just have to show you how you’re supposed to do it.”
John just stood there stammering with his hands over his crotch, trying to hide what Anrill had already seen.

“Ok, first thing’s first… you take off you’re clothes.” Anrill then preceded to strip in front of John. Who had to shift his hands up a bit as his crotch got allot bigger. He couldn’t believe his luck… she was just standing right in front of him taking off all her clothes. Her breasts her tummy, her bum and her fanny. He could see it all and she wasn’t even embarrassed.

“Then you turn on the shower.”
Anrill crossed the room and reached into the shower and turned on the water, making sure that she waggled her bum and lifted her tail like she had seen though John’s imagination.

She turned around to face John and walked up, around and behind him. She placed her hand’s on his shoulders and pressed her breasts into his back
“And when it’s warm enough you step in.”
Then she guided him into the shower, keeping her breasts in contact with him the whole time. The warm water soaked right into there fur causing it to form into clumps and cling to there skin.

Anrill reached out and took the specially large bar of canine brand soap in her hand and began to rub it over John.
“Then you use the soap. I can’t believe you’re mother never told you this.”
“She did but I just.”
Anrill stopped rubbing.
“Don’t you know it’s rude to interrupt someone when there soaping you?”
Anrill continued to soap him all over. She rubbed his shoulders, back and particularly his tail.
“Has anyone ever told you you’ve got a nice tail?”
“erm… no… not really.”
“Well you have.”
She could tell John was enjoying the attention. She even managed to sniff his backside without him noticing he was so relaxed. That was up until she started teasing him again by soaping his balls. He was so shocked that it even made her jump, though she quickly regained her composure.
“A-Anrill? Wha…”
“Has anyone told you you’ve got nice balls?”
John just stuttered and watched in surprise, as she continued to soap his crotch. He watched as Anrill’s soapy hand left the bar and began to trace up from his balls over his sheath and up his throbbing erect manhood.
“What are you doing?”
Anrill let go and turned John around to face her.
“Don’t you find me attractive?”
“O-of course I do...”
Anrill lent forwards and turned off the water, pushing herself firmly into John, there entire body’s touching one another. John could feel Anrill’s soft warm belly rubbing against his throbbing shaft, and her hand’s clenching his bum as she looked him in the eyes.
“Do you like me? For who I am as well?”
“I’ve only known you a short while but yes I do.”

Anrill slid her body down John’s, feeling his warm shaft and balls ride up along her belly and chest, then between her breasts, where she looked straight down at it.
“Then I’d better do something about this.” She said and squeezed herself to his crotch, feeling it throb warmly between her breasts as she began to rub herself against it. Before standing up and raising herself till she was face to face with John and reaching over his shoulder turned the water back on and kissing him on the cheeck she whispered.
“After breakfast.”

Needless to say John was dumfounded.
“A-After breakfast?!”
“You didn’t think I was going to fuck you on an empty stomach did you? A girl’s gotta eat you know.”
“b – b - but you… I-I mean… I–I thought...”

Anrill stepped out the shower and whipped off one of the small fluffy towels from the towel rail and wrapped it around her waist and walked out of the room, waving her mostly unconcieled bum provocatively.
“Don’t forget to wash behind you’re ears.”
John just stood there with the water running down his back, trying desperately to fathom what on earth had just happened.

More to come…

Chapter 9

Turning round John picked up the soap and quickly finished washing himself and jumped out of the shower. Grabbing the last and considerably bigger towel he rubbed himself over, drying himself off as best he could, before jumping back into his boxers. Grabbing his trousers he ran eagerly down the corridor as best he could while putting them on. By the time he reached the end of the corridor he emerged into the dining room still struggling with his tail button.

Anrill was just standing there as if nothing had happened, with the blow dryer on full blast, aimed right up her shirt, causing it to billow out like a balloon. She turned it off and her shirt quickly deflated, falling back down onto her chest. Walking towards him she handed him the dryer.
“Here dry you’re self off while I get the food out of the oven.”

Reluctantly John turned the dryer on and Started to dry himself from head to toe, there were other thing’s he’d much rather do than this. He winced slightly as he reluctantly aimed the nozzle down his trousers.
“Oh if only I had space for a sit in dryer.”

When Anrill had finished getting the food out John was just finishing off his tail. Even if he was still a bit damp he decided enough was enough and turned it off. After putting it away he sat down at the table and began to eat and enjoyed every mouthful.
“mmm- much nicer than canine crunchies.”
Anrill watched as John’s attention became solely focused on his food as happens with most carnivores. Smiling to herself she began to tuck in to her meal.

During breakfast Anrill struck up a conversation and asked John about his work, family and other such things. But when John asked her the same questions she got remarkably quite on the subject of work, and was rather sketchy when she talked about her parents.

“But you’ve got to work somewhere…”
Anrill swallowed her last morsel of food and put the knife and fork down.
“Well I did till a couple of weeks ago.”
“so what [i]did[/i] you do?”
“I’d rather not say.”
She put down her knife and fork and looked up at John and smiled before standing up and climbing on top of the table on all fours.
“I’m more interested in our after breakfast activities.”

John’s heart soared with excitement. Shovelling the last mouthful of sausage into his muzzle he shoved his plate aside.
“So how are we going to do this?” Anrill asked. “Oh I know.”
Anrill sat back and removed her shirt before sitting back and pulling off her trousers. She hadn’t even bothered to put on her knickers or bra and so was now completely naked again, to John’s obvious delight. Anrill shifted position onto all fours, and turned her body around so that her bum faced towards him.
“How about like this?” she asked as she cocked her tail to one side. (The canine way of saying. ‘Come and get it tiger.’)

“Ooo… kinky.”
But as John began to climb onto the table Anrill sat down.
“But I want you to play the part of my owner first.” She said in her most sexy voice.
“This isn’t another one of you’re little teases is it?”
Anrill shook her head.
“Ok… I’ll play.”
Anrill began to wagging her tail vigorously from side to side and began to pant vigorously, her tongue moving in and out with each breath. Apart from the obvious physical differences she looked exactly like a normal dog, but way sexier.

Anrill raised to all four paws and leaped from the table and ran on all fours up to John, where she leapt up and placed her hands on his crotch and pushed him down onto the floor.
With John on his back Anrill quickly undid his zip and pulling down his trousers she began to sniffed his crotch, her tail wagging so fast it was a compleet blur. She looked up at him and barked, gave a quick whine and a pleading stare.

John smiled as she nuzzled at his crotch and continued to whine pleadingly.
“Doe’s doggie wanna go to my bedroom?”
Anrill let out a very loud woof. With a big beaming panting smile plastered across her face and lept forwards to lick his face. When John went to lick her back she jumped down and knelt down on the floor by his side, her tail wagging high in the air.

John stood up and knelt down beside her and began to stroke down along her elegant body, going from the base of her ears, down her neck and spine, all the way to her wonderfully shapely bum and that beautiful tail. Everything about her was just so beautiful. Still kneeling by her side he scooped his arms under her, one arm under her shoulders and the other just above her legs and lifted her from the floor. Anrill was quite surprised by this and almost forgot to play along. Looking up at his beaming face she knew his intensions were still good.

John turned round towards his room.
“Doggy looks tired. Perhaps we should go do bead.”
Once again Anrill wagged her tail and barked happily.

John started to walk towards his bedroom when a loud mobile phone tune went off. It wasn’t John’s so it had to be Anrill’s

“Oh crap it’s my land lord.”
John stopped dead in his tracks.
“How can you tell?”
“I set up a dedicated ring tone for him. Put me down I have to answer this.”
John screwed up his eyes and lent his head back in dismay as Anrill dangled her legs towards the floor.
“Ok… but please don’t be long”
He put her down and she ran to her shorts and started to rummage around in her pockets before pulling out her mobile phone.

She flipped it open and pulled out the ear piece extension rod from the top and accepted the call.

John stood on his own as he watched her talk on the phone, his eye’s glancing casually over her beautiful naked body. He was starting to wonder when the call would end when Anrill shouted out loudly in surprise.
“WHAT?! n.. no you cant do that.”
“No what ever you do don’t do anything. I’ll be right over.”
Anrill pressed the red button and closed the phone, the ear extension rod retracting automatically as she did so. She turned to John looking somewhat distressed.
“My checks for the last year and a half’s rent have just bounced… If I don’t do something he’s going to rent to someone else and sell all my stuff to pay my debt.”
“Ok… get dressed. We can take my car.”

They got dressed as quickly as they could and were soon piled into John’s car, even if John had got his shirt on back to front. John fumbled with the ignition and they drove off.

A little while later, a lot of directions and many wrong turns they finally managed to park outside Anrill’s apartment building. Anrill jumped out of the car and ran into the building before john could even turn off the engine. Stumbling out he quickly locked the car and followed her into the building.

To be continued….

note : the character Snow is a character created by Cerberous and is used with his concent.

Chapter 10

As John burst through the front door he caught sight of Anrill’s tail disappearing down a corridor to the left. Running towards the corridor he heard a very loud and fast thumping sound coming from up ahead.

Rounding the corner John spied Anrill thumping hard against a door, unlike any of the others in this corridor. It was made of a much darker wood and had a name plack on of it instead of a number. John stopped running and proceeded to walk towards Anrill. Fully relieved he hadn’t lost her.

“Come on Arnold I know you’re in there.” She shouted at the door, and continued to thump the door hard until it swung open, revealing a very large muscle bound squirrel standing inside looking somewhat annoyed. This presumably was Arnold, Anrill’s land lord.
“Oh It’s you… you got the cash?”
“No but…”
“No cash no room.”
“What about the checks that Brian gave you… surely they paid for it.”
“I told you on the phone they bounced. You two were already over a year over due, so either you cough up the doe or I’m renting to someone who can pay there bills.”

Anrill tried desperately to change his mind, but he wouldn’t budge. John offered to help but the bill came to far more than he had anticipated. And definitely more than he had in the bank. The squirrel folded his arms.

“No cash. No room.”
“Ok fine… I’ll just go get my stuff.”
Anrill turned to leave but a heavy hand landed on her shoulder.

“Not a chance. I’ve confiscated the lot. Seeing as you don’t have a job the only way I’m going to recoup some capital is by selling off all you’re junk.”
“You heard me. I’ve already removed you as a user from the lock system, so don’t bother trying to go up there. You won’t get in.”
“You can’t do this.”
“I assure you I can.”
“B-but I haven’t got anything to wear and what about my pendant?”
“What about it?”
“Well then I suggest you get you’re new boyfriend to fish out his check book.”
“But I can’t do that.”
“Then I’ll just hand it over to the porn shop across town with the rest of you’re junk.”
Anrill’s eyes narrowed angrily at her ex landlord.

“How much?”
Anrill turned around to face John. He was standing there with his wallet held out expectantly.

“A thousand for the pendant and a hundred for the clothes.” Johns eyes widened.
Anrill span round to face her landlord.
“Don’t be ridiculous. You wouldn’t get a hundred for the pendant at an antiques dealer, let alone a porn shop.”
“Alright fifty for the clothes and a hundred and fifty quid for the pendant…” he looked at Anrill. “Sentimental value.”
“A hundred and twenty five pounds.” John said
“Forty five.”
“Thirty five”
“Done... Do you take plastic?”
“Indeed I do.”

“does the lady want her personal wallet to buy anything else? Like her computer for instance?”
John looked at Anrill, who lightly shook her head.
The landlord turned round and punched some numbers into his digital lock and pointed to it.
“Swipe you’re card through there. It’ll deduct the cash”
John checked the amount displayed and swiped before typing in his pin number and pressing his thumb on the pad. “You’re cash has been transferred” it chimed back.
With that the land lord closed the door.
“You two stay here. I’ll go get you’re things.”

Closing his door with a thump he walked away and out of sight leaving the pair alone. Anrill turned to John.
“I don’t understand… Why would you spend so much on me? You barely know me.”
“I guess I trust you.”
“But what made you do it.”
“You were in so much stress… It obviously meant a lot to you, so I did what I could.”

Anrill pondered this for a moment.
“Thanks. I guess I owe you one.”
“Yeah I spose so. Say have you anywhere to stay? Any friends you can stay with.”

Anrill instantly thought of Amy. But she didn’t think that was such a good idea, when most of you’re friends are several stories tall living space is a big issue.
“No I don’t think so.”
“Oh. Well if you want you could stay with me. I – I’ll clean the place up first. A - and I’ll sleep on the sofa. And I’ll…”
Anrill put her finger to his lips to quieten him down. With that done she took his hands in hers and looked into his eye’s.

“John. You’re an absolute star. I’d love to.”

The squirrel turned the corner, a pile of clothes over one arm and a pendant in the other. He held out the pendant for them to see. It was a small round squashed green ball with gold lines running up and down it in a swirly decorative manor, suspended on a long golden chain.
“This the one?”
“Yes that’s it.”
Anrill ran over to take it from his hand, only to have it whisked upwards out from her grasp.
“Not so fast.” He walked past her and up to John, and placed the items in his arms.
“These aren’t yours till the gentleman with the cash says so. Now if that’s all I’ve got a long hard days sleeping ahead of me.”
And with that he was back inside his room, leaving the two canines behind to work things out between them.

When they reached the car John put Anrill’s clothes in the boot and handed the pendant to Anrill.
“Here. I believe this is yours.”
Anrill took it in her hands and hugged it to her chest before putting it round her neck. With that done she threw her arms around him and squeezed him tightly.
“Thank you… I’ll pay you back I promise…” She let partially go “If there’s anything I can do to make this up to you…”
“You’re company is all I want. But the cash would be nice.” With one last hug they both let go of one another and climbed into the car. Shutting the doors John shifted the car into forward gear.
With that John put his foot down on the accelerator and drove off home.

When they got back John parked the car and they climbed up to John’s apartment where he keyed Anrill in as a new user into his digital lock before checking the time.

“Shit I’m late for work… I’ve got to go [i]now[/i]. I’ll be back around four. Feel free to do what ever. Sorry I can’t stay longer.”
He kissed her on the cheeck.
“I promise I’ll be back as soon as I can.”
And with that he was gone.

Now on her own Anrill walked inside and shut the door. Clutched at the pendant and opened it up. In one side was an old fashioned and highly faded two dimensional colour photograph depicting a human couple. And in the other side a shimmering blue globe of brilliant shining blue light. Placing her thumb over the light Anrill’s eye’s turn momentarily blue before she removed her thumb.
“Oh thank god… It still works.”

Snapping it shut she looked around the apartment and decided to give the place a bit of a woman’s touch… later on. Right now she fancied sitting in front of the holo-telly.

She walked over to the sofa and sat down before swinging her feet up onto the sofa and holding her hand out in front of her as if she were clutching a remote.
“telly On.”
The small disk on the bench in front of her suddenly projected a full colour three dimensional moving image above it and a remote in her hand, which she used to skim through the channels before stopping on the news.

A lady was reading out the report with an immage of a classic ‘warning macro area’ sigh behind her.
“Last night a topless giant furr was spotted in the middle of town. This giant then proceeded to hurl an innocent member of the unsuspecting public into the air.”
An image of Anrill doing so popped up on screen. It then proceeded to zoom in on her breasts and her bum on more than one occasion as it continued to show her falling over where her breasts which filled most of the virtual screen seemed to bounce down then up again in slow motion.
“The woman later landed on an inflating hot air balloon some 20 miles away. She incurred some major internal injuries and is now recovering in intensive care. Where we believe she is planning to file a law suit against the aforementioned giant. Should she succeed it would prove a violation of the macro treaty of…” Anrill switched off.
“Oh great. That’s all I need. A law suit. I better call my lawyer just in case.”

Anrill flipped open her phone and selected ‘lawyer’ from her list of contacts and pressed dial.
“Hello is this J price Lawyers?”
“Yes that’s us”
“Good. Can I speak to my Lawyer, Snow pleas?”
“Snow no longer works for us any more.”
“WHAT? Why not?”
“Well she killed the boss and wrecked our building.”
“erm… can you give me her contact details?”
*click… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*
Anrill closed her mobile.
“Well that’s just perfect.”

More to come…

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