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Poem (Homework assignment)
One day, not so long ago it seems,
There was a place you might have heard of only in your dreams.
This place was always summer, never cold, never winter.
It was a happy place to be, though its name was unknown,
It seemed to be a place where flowers might have grown.

There was in fact, some truth to that story.
Flowers grew everywhere, mainly for the sun's glory.

These flowers were special, the only of the sort.
They thought that summer time was much too short.
The flowers had no knowledge of the winter or the fall,
Merely hints from myths they had been told,
That they thought had no purpose at all.

So on a dark summer night,
While all the flowers were sleeping,
Once of them noticed a Warning Bug creeping.
The flower said to the Warning Bug, "Why do you wander here?"
The Bug merely turned and muttered, "The is reason to fear.
"For your season shall end, and winter will pass.
"Though nothing will survive, not even the strongest of grass."
The flower slipped again,
Into his deep sleep,
And thought nothing more of their reasons to weep.

The temperature began to drop,
But only the one flower was no worried,
For he hoped it would stop.

The winter had arrived,
And every flower was in a craze.
They thought nothing more of their warm summer days.
The flowers gave up,
And let winter proceed,
But one little flower remained strong, and took heed.

Snow smothered the ground, and blotted out the sun,
But that faithful little flower knew that the summer was not yet done
He stood his ground and waited for some while,
Until the spring returned his smile.

Warm again,
The flower rejoiced.
For his one small opinion had finally been voiced.
His determination and overwhelming strength,
Had beaten the winter to a very short length.

Now winter still covers the ground with its cold teeth,
But flowers return from their hiding places beneath.

So the moral of this tale,
Is to never give up hope,
Even if you think you will fail.

Always remain faithful in battles ahead,
And, like the flower,
Hardships will pass with little damadge or dread.
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