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You need to be strong for both of us
A gentle breeze shook the needle-covered branches lightly. The trees stood bathed in the brilliant glow that emanated from the white moon above. Wisps of clouds drifted lazily across the sky and around the moon as though framing it. It was the perfect picture of peace and serenity.

The same moonlight shone through the barred window and fell in shafts onto the paper as the pen danced across it, filling the white depths with endless black lines and curls. Here there was no peace. There was no serenity, as his hand worked its way to and fro across the paper.

There was no blood visible, but the pain was beyond imaginable as he poured his heart out to allow it to take the form of words on the white sheet.

13 March 1972
My Dearest Kitty

There is so much that I would like to say to you, but some things cannot be expressed by words alone and others still, can only be felt.

If my heart were ripped out of my chest, it would not be enough to describe the pain I feel as I write to you this night.

Twenty years ago we met for the first time. Little did I know that my life would change forever from then on. People wonder whether there is such a thing as love at first sight, I myself, doubted it until I met you. I find it hard to endure a day without you, but eight years, Kitty, eight years. The sound of your voice seems so faint these days and I can no longer remember your gentle touch. I long to hold you in my arms and to see your eyes light up when you smile, but every day I am denied that simple yet fundamental thing. I can live without food and I can live without water, but not without you, Kitty.

Fifteen years. That is how long I must be separated from the only thing that I love on this cruel earth. I must wait fifteen years to see you when I have no reason to be here. You believed me and that was all I needed. You alone, saw that I could not take another’s life.

Take care of Jane and make sure she learns everything I was never able to teach her. Let her know that I love her, everyday. When she is grown up, maybe you will be able to explain this to her, maybe she will understand.

I feel the last of my strength leaving my body. You need to be strong for both of us, Kitty. I love you and nothing on this earth can be used to describe how much. Live out my dreams for me and stay strong, Jane needs you.

Our love cannot be separated by mere earthly things, nothing can ever separate us. This is not the end so please do not think of it like that. I will always be with you and one day we will be reunited in a place more wonderful than you or I could ever imagine.

I’ve never had your strength, I wish now that I did so that I could hold you one last time and say how much I love you.

I love you.

Yours Forever, until we meet again

A gentle breeze drifted through the tiny window set into a concrete wall. It was cool, refreshing and with it came the scent of hope, but it was too late. No amount of hope could stir the lifeless body hanging from the ceiling.

Nowhere in the cell could anything showing the heartache he had felt be seen. Nothing, but a letter on which, in flowing script could be read, “my Dearest Kitty, I love you.” This was only sign of the heartache that had caused him to scream as he stepped into the air ready to be welcomed into Death’s waiting arms

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