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here's the first chapter of my short story
Emily Carlisle picked up the local newspaper and flipped to the section dedicated to the deceased. She scanned the columns, and there it was, her own name in the paper.

"In memory of a dear friend Emily Carlisle. On this sad October day, Emily Anne Carlisle died at 4:00 am. The cause of death was researched, but no results could be found. The body was not damaged what so ever, aside from two puncture wounds on the neck, approximately 2 and a half inches apart. More information will be published in the next paper."

So, the world thought she had died. She chuckled to herself. What an unusual report. It was true, in a way, she was dead - but not as the world thought. She was one of the un-dead, a vampire, if you will. Emily closed her eyes as she remembered the big event.

She was sleeping, and her attacker stepped out of the shadows. He had woken her up by calling her name. When Emily opened her blue-grey eyes to seek the source of the noise, she screamed. She felt a sharp pain on her neck, and everything went black. She woke up the next morning with a massive headache, and that was all she was able to remember.

Emily shivered. The memories were so vivid to her, but there were empty spaces that she could not find the information to fill. She had so many questions, and nobody that she knew of could answer them. She felt all alone in this situation, and began to slip down into a massive wave of self pity and depression.
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