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by Mitch
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A circle has no point.
Each step forward puts me further behind.
As life moves onward it seems to rewind.
Into the future I'm tring to race,
But each way I turn the past hits my face.
How can I start my life over again
When hindering this task is what has been?
Vainly, vying to start anew I'm vexed
Each time I try. Maybe fate has me hexed.
When? How did I cross the sisters of fate?
Can I make amends or is it too late?
If life is a gamble I always crap,
But keep on rolling, caught in my own trap.
Life is a circle, I've heard it been said.
I believe it's more like a square instead.
A square, with its points, is also endless.
A circle, so round, is just so pointless.
The point in my life, to which I return,
Is the same one from which I never learn.
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